Actor and Comedian Tracy Morgan Defends Trump; Calls for Unity Against Coronavirus Actor and Comedian Tracy Morgan Defends Trump; Calls for Unity Against Coronavirus

Actor and Comedian Tracy Morgan Defends Trump; Calls for Unity Against Coronavirus

More and more Hollywood celebs are breaking ranks and speaking out in defense of President Trump.

Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan is the latest notable figure to defend Trump against criticism of his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead of criticizing the president, Morgan encouraged everyone to unite as one nation to fight against the novel coronavirus.

Morgan also said that concerns about government preparedness as well as finger pointing are irrelevant during the pandemic itself.

You can view Tracy Morgan's comments below!

While some celebrities such as Alyssa Milano have politicized COVID-19 and even used it to call for impeachment, Tracy Morgan sympathizes with President Trump.

He also gave high praise to medical workers and other essential personnel.

Fox News confirms Morgan's uplifting comments:

Comedian Tracy Morgan defended President Trump from critics on Tuesday and called for national unity amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The "Saturday Night Live" alum began his interview on "Today" by shedding light on how quarantine life had been for him so far, joking to NBC anchor Hoda Kotb that he and his wife had been "role-playing a lot now."

Shortly after, Morgan praised medical staff, first responders, police and firefighters "heroes", saying they deserve "respect."

"The struggle is real. Right now we're struggling. People want to criticize the president, but imagine being president of a country and have your country got sick. So it's difficult for him," Morgan said.

Morgan's comments come after the Trump reelection campaign has made in-roads with black voters.

Coalitions such as #BlackVoicesForTrump have been gaining momentum.

It is unclear whether Morgan will support Trump in the general election, but his words will definitely have an impact on those listening.

While Democratic leaders attempt to politicize the crisis, Trump has been working with his staff and advisers to keep all Americans, regardless of political party, safe.

Hollywood is typically universally Democratic.

While there are certainly conservatives and Republicans in Hollywood, they remain quiet for fear of being "blacklisted."

Yet as the COVID-19 pandemic rages, multiple celebrities like Tracy Morgan and Dennis Quaid have spoken out to defend President Trump.

Though these comments are not endorsements, they do play into a larger trend that shows a willingness of celebrities to begin breaking away from Hollywood ranks.

CNN reports that even as campaigns take their messaging online, Trump is still focusing on getting more of the black vote in November:

This week, Trump campaign supporters can settle in around their computer or phone and choose from a wide-ranging menu of live stream options to stay at home but stay engaged: "Black Voices for Trump Online!" or a "Women for Trump Empower Hour" or the "American Heroes Series," to name a few.

Though all in-person campaign events have ground to an abrupt halt, the campaign never really stopped. The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally reshaped the 2020 election, and campaigns on both sides of the aisle are shifting their messages and means of communication as the nation has shifted its attention.

Before the outbreak, President Donald Trump's reelection effort staked much of its messaging on a booming economy and record low unemployment numbers. Regardless of what was happening in Washington, aides felt they could rely on an economic message to see them through until November. Those aides are now dealing with a new reality, one that includes a stock market that has essentially erased its Trump-era gains, a record 6.6 million unemployment claims last week and dire financial conditions that many Americans now found themselves in.

Amid this unprecedented public health and economic crisis, the campaign can no longer ask voters whether they are better off now than they were four years ago. Instead, it is shifting to pegging the President's success to his handling of the pandemic.

Indeed, President Trump's approval ratings have risen as the virus spreads.

Many in the media have attempted to stop airing the daily briefings, as support for the president has gone up the more they see of his administration's response.

One thing is certain, Tracy Morgan is right: Now is not the time to blame. 

Now is the time for national unity to fight and defeat the virus!

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