AOC Blasts Governor's "Racially Dividing" Decision to Provide Mortgage Relief, But Not Rent Relief AOC Blasts Governor's "Racially Dividing" Decision to Provide Mortgage Relief, But Not Rent Relief

AOC Blasts Governor’s “Racially Dividing” Decision to Provide Mortgage Relief, But Not Rent Relief

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Leave it up to Progressives to never be satisfied.

Even after the largest stimulus bill in history history was passed by the federal government, liberals are still calling for even more handouts.

Take Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for example.

Governor Cuomo of New York took action to suspend mortgage payments beause of the COVID crisis. AOC is deeply disturbed that the governor focused on mortgage relief and not rent relief because she believes it disproportionately helps “wealthy” homeowners instead of “poor” renters.

The New York Post has the latest on AOC’s outcry:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took aim at Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision to suspend mortgage payments but not rental payments during the coronavirus outbreak, accusing him of giving “preferential treatment” to wealthier New Yorkers.

“If you called for a suspension or moratorium on mortgage payments, then we should also call for that same treatment on rent payments,” AOC said during an appearance on WNYC’s “The Brian Lehrer Show” Tuesday.

“We’re kind of creating a class and race issue. We’re essentially rewarding and offering preferential treatment to landowners and folks who are more wealthy, and we’re not offering that same kind of relief to renters,” the Democratic socialist continued.

“Even just from an economic perspective, it’s not responsible to ignore this problem.”

Earlier this month, Cuomo announced that the state would be giving homeowners a 90-day reprieve from mortgage payments, saying eligibility would be “based on financial hardship.”

Homeowners will still have to make good on the payments, but they will be tacked onto the back end of their mortgage agreements, sans late fees, the governor said at the time.

“Eliminating that stressor for 90 days, I think, will go a long way,” he continued, noting that the offer could be extended beyond 90 days depending on how the fight against the contagion plays out.

AOC tweeted the following on the first of the month:

Rent relief isn't all that AOC is seeking, however. Check out this video of AOC on her Instagram page where she encourages people to look into rent strikes:

Fox News has more to report on AOC's wish list:

Green New Deal activists released their long list of priorities for a coronavirus economic relief, pitching a $2,000 a month payment to Americans and a break from bills during the crisis.

The former chief of staff to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted out the list of federal actions progressives will push for as Washington is moving swiftly on the third round of legislation to respond to the global pandemic.

Comparing the federal response needed to Great Depression and World War II mobilizations, the activists want to suspend the rule requiring Treasury to issue new debt for financing to create "debt-free money" and demand the Fed open its discount window lending immediately to small businesses. They've called for dropping "helicopter money" into taxpayers' bank, Venmo or PayPal accounts.

The ask list, authored by the New Consensus activists behind the Green New Deal, also calls for direct support for small businesses, investment in building stockpiles of medical goods, foods and fuels, temporary suspension of certain tariffs and other trade impediments.

But perhaps the most immediate relief to workers would be $1,000 biweekly payments for at least six months. The current proposals of $1,000 per month don't go far enough, they argue, and at least $2,000 monthly is needed for everyone.

Consumers should also get a break from all their debt payments for six months, including credit card debt, student debt, mortgage and lease payments. There should also be a nationwide moratorium on mortgage foreclosures, the activists said.

The progressive groups are aligned with Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. Some of the ideas have already gotten support from the politicians in a position to vote on such measures and influence policy.

Sanders backed the $ 2,000-a-month proposal Tuesday night as he suffered another round of election losses in his bid for the White House.

"We need to provide a direct emergency $2,000 cash payment to every household in American every month for the duration of the crisis," Sanders said.

He also backed a hold on student loan payments, a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures, and expanding the eligibility for unemployment benefits to gig workers and freelancers and upping the maximum benefit checks to $75,000 a year.

For her part, Ocasio-Cortez has also pitched big bold ideas, saying the response so far has been "completely insufficient." She's also pushing direct cash payments, suspending all rent, mortgage and debt payments, expanded unemployment insurance and universal health care.

"What people are dealing with is a liquidity issue," Ocasio-Cortez told 1010 WINS on Wednesday. "While cutting checks is an important part of an equation, I don't think it's going to help if it's the only action that taken. We need to take a look at mortgage, rent and student loan payment suspension to give people that buffer time."

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