AOC Calls for COVID-19 Reparations for "Black + Brown Communities" AOC Calls for COVID-19 Reparations for "Black + Brown Communities"

AOC Calls for COVID-19 Reparations for “Black + Brown Communities”

It was only a matter of time before Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would find a way to make the COVID-19 pandemic about racism.

While the novel coronavirus can infect anyone, AOC isn't wasting any time on calling for reparations for "black + brown communities."

Countries with overwhelming caucasian populations, such as Italy, have not been spared the wrath of the pandemic.

It is a global disaster, reaching countries and people of every ethnicity.

Yet for the former bartender turned politician, the coronavirus is yet another example of racism.

See AOC's tweet for yourself:

While there is fear that there will eventually be a shortage of ventilators, that has not yet happened.

In other words, for those currently needing care, they can get care.

There is no discrimination happening in our health care system and there is no rationing of services.

The novel coronavirus can infect anyone regardless of skin color, ethnicity, career, or age, so AOC's reparations demand appears to be yet another political demand.

The New York Post has more on her comments:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has called for coronavirus reparations for minorities, claiming higher numbers of COVID-19 fatalities in low-income communities stems from underlying inequality.

“COVID deaths are disproportionately spiking in Black + Brown communities,” Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) tweeted to her 6 million followers on Friday morning.

“Why? Because the chronic toll of redlining, environmental racism, wealth gap, etc. ARE underlying health conditions,” the Bronx-born lawmaker added.

“Inequality is a comorbidity. COVID relief should be drafted with a lens of reparations,” she wrote.

With her district ravaged by the coronavirus, AOC came under fire Friday for participating in a “virtual forum” with constituents — from the comforts of her plush abode in DC.

Congress expanded unemployment benefits in its $2 trillion coronavirus aid package but there was no discussion of reparations for poorer communities.

The Trump administration passed the CARES Act, which will send $1,200 to every American making less than $75,000. 

The amount decreases until your annual income surpasses $99,000.

Everyone is being negatively impacted by the economic halt due to the virus. It's not impacting "black + brown communities" exclusively.

Many have accused AOC of playing identity politics to rile up her base.

AOC has found every opportunity to inject race into the conversation whenever she can.

For example, while Governor Cuomo has halted evictions in New York, AOC complained that black and brown people will still have to pay rent... just like everyone else.

Instead of addressing the virus as a health issue, AOC has called it a "class and race issue."

The Washington Time has more on AOC's race-based complaints below:

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has been sounding the alarm on the racial impact of the coronavirus pandemic and criticized members of her own party for not doing enough to alleviate the financial burden faced by low-income families. She has used the crisis as an opportunity to push her radical agenda, including universal health care, universal college, guaranteed housing and instituting a living wage.

On Tuesday, she slammed Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo for suspending mortgage payments but not rent payments during the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, he halted evictions for 90 days, though renters will still be responsible for missed payments.

“We’re kind of creating a class and race issue,” Ms. Ocasio-Cortez said on WNYC’s “The Brian Lehrer Show,” Fox News reported Wednesday. “We’re essentially rewarding and offering preferential treatment to landowners and folks who are more wealthy, and we’re not offering that same kind of relief to renters.”

“There’s absolutely … racial and class inequities baked into the crisis,” she said. “If you are able to stay home. You are a privileged person in this moment.”

She said many of the essential workers like delivery drivers and grocery store workers are “overwhelmingly lower-income. They’re black. They’re brown … and they still have to pay rent tomorrow.”

The Trump administration has worked tirelessly to protect ALL Americans. 

No where in any of the stimulus packages are people helped less because of their skin color.

Instead, the administration is making sure that Americans have the highest likelihood of keeping their jobs and that small businesses and corporations can stay afloat.

But we shouldn't be surprised to hear this from someone who endorsed a "democratic" socialist for president.

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