CBS News Admits to "Mistakingly" Using Footage from Italy When Reporting On New York CBS News Admits to "Mistakingly" Using Footage from Italy When Reporting On New York

CBS News Admits to “Mistakingly” Using Footage from Italy When Reporting On New York

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In times like these, it’s important that we as the public have media that we can trust and look to for accurate information.

It looks like we might not be getting that, at least with some news outlets.

Last week, on CBS’s “This Morning” show, the news network reported on the COVID outbreak in New York City. Unfortunately, the footage used by the network was from a hospital in Italy.

The footage could have easily inspired panic because it shows a severly overcrowded hospital.

Some of the responses on Twitter are as you would expect:

The New York Post reports today on CBS's use of the footage:

CBS News has admitted that alarming footage of an overflowing ward used during a report on the coronavirus crisis in Big Apple hospitals was actually shot in Italy.

CBS’ breakfast show, “This Morning,” used the footage of a packed ward last Wednesday just after saying the pandemic’s epicenter was “found right here” in New York.

The same footage had been aired earlier by Sky News — which correctly identified it as one of Europe’s “most hard-hit” hospitals located in Bergamo, Lombardy.

“It was an editing mistake,” a CBS News spokesperson told Fox News. “We took immediate steps to remove it from all platforms and shows.”

Fox News adds:

Last Wednesday, "CBS This Morning" included a brief clip showing several patients and medical professionals in one room during a report about the rising threat of the coronavirus outbreak in New York City.

However, that same footage aired days prior on Sky News.

“This is the main hospital in Bergamo, in Lombardy province. It’s one of the most advanced hospitals in Europe,” Sky News reported.

ABC News made a similar mistake last fall when it aired footage from a Kentucky gun range while falsely claiming it depicted a fierce battle between Syrian Kurds and Turkish forces.

The network aired the footage framing it as battlefield video, when, in fact, it appears to be from a night gun demonstration at the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Ky.

ABC News issued a correction and apologized for the error.

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