Countries Like Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine & Turkey Return Defective Chinese COVID-19 Tests Countries Like Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine & Turkey Return Defective Chinese COVID-19 Tests

Countries Like Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine & Turkey Return Defective Chinese COVID-19 Tests

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Though it is undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic started in Wuhan, China, the communist Chinese government is in the midst of a global PR stunt.

The Chinese government has announced that it will send testing kits around the world.

This is a clear attempt for the communist government to paint itself as a leader and lessen the blowback for starting the worldwide pandemic.

However, it has been revealed that 70 percent of these coronavirus testing kits from China are defective.

Yes, that means that 30 percent of COVID-19 cases are accurately identified by the test. 


Countries that have received the tests are now beginning to return them to China en masse.

More details on this embarrassing development for China:

COVID-19 testing is important because it allows authorities to understand the scale of infections throughout any given region.

Patients with the novel coronavirus are also aware that they are carriers and will thus be more likely to self-quarantine.

This will help flatten the curve and make sure that our healthcare system has the capacity to treat those with the virus.

Business Insider confirms that countries like Spain have returned thousands of Chinese testing kits, opting not to use them altogether:

Microbiology experts in Spain have said that rapid coronavirus tests that the country bought from China are not consistently detecting positive cases.

The error was discovered as Spain is in the grip of one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the world, second only to Italy in the number of reported deaths.

Studies on the tests done in Spain found that they had only 30% sensitivity, meaning they correctly identify people with the virus only 30% of the time, sources told the Spanish newspaper El País.

Those sources told the newspaper that the tests should have a sensitivity of more than 80%. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says rapid tests for influenza are required to have 80% sensitivity.

Rapid tests can get a result in minutes but are generally less accurate than other tests. Numerous companies around the world are producing them.

The studies prompted the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology to formally recommend not using these tests, El País reported. Health workers are now meant to use other tests that take longer to give a result.

Fernando Simón, the director of Spain's health-emergencies coordination center, said on Thursday that Spain checked 9,000 of the tests, found that their results were not consistent enough, and decided to return them.

While the media has blamed President Trump at every turn, will they also criticize the Chinese government for their testing failure?

Also... if the Chinese are sending out faulty test kits, how can we possibly trust the numbers that they're reporting from their country?

There are many valid questions that remain to be answered.

The Free Beacon reports that hundreds of thousands of testing kits have been purchased from China.

The communist Chinese government has been using this as a PR stunt to appear to be a global leader.

But the 70 percent faulty results are alarming, and many countries are no longer trusting China's numbers.

The U.S., on the other hand, has been viewed as slower, but more accurate and precise on the response.

The Free Beacon has more details on China's failed testing kits:

Thousands of rapid test kits purchased from China by European countries have proven to be defective, according to local reports.

In Spain, which currently has the fourth-highest number of coronavirus cases in the world, the government purchased 640,000 rapid test kits from China and South Korea as it fights the pandemic. Experts soon discovered, however, that the tests it purchased from Chinese company Bioeasy were only correctly identifying coronavirus cases 30 percent of the time, according to Spain's El Pais.

The Czech Republic also purchased 150,000 rapid test kits from China, and have likewise found problems. One doctor using the tests found that 80 percent of the kits were faulty and has reverted back to the conventional lab tests, which are significantly slower to process.

The Spanish government confirmed that the tests did not meet its standards and returned them. The Czech Republic is standing by its purchase, arguing that the kits do work and methodological errors are to blame for the high error rate identified by the doctor.

The communist regime is now claiming that they did not donate the faulty testing kits. 

However, these were purchased directly from the Chinese government.

So either, the regime sent out faulty test kits, or they have no quality control over their testing process.

Will the U.S. media begin to treat the Chinese government with the same scrutiny they apply to the Trump administration?

Unfortunately for the truth, it appears unlikely.

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