Dennis Quaid Breaks Hollywood Ranks, Says Trump's "Doing A Good Job" And Urges Dems: "Time to Get Behind Our Government" Dennis Quaid Breaks Hollywood Ranks, Says Trump's "Doing A Good Job" And Urges Dems: "Time to Get Behind Our Government"

Dennis Quaid Breaks Hollywood Ranks, Says Trump’s “Doing A Good Job” And Urges Dems: “Time to Get Behind Our Government”

Political shockwaves just went through Hollywood.

Dennis Quaid has broken the celebrity ranks to speak out in defense of President Trump, saying that he is "doing a good job" handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quaid's comments come as his celebrity peers are mourning Bernie Sanders exiting the Democratic primary.

While most Hollywood stars have taken advantage of the crisis to slam President Trump, Quaid has taken a different approach.

He is singing high praises of the president and encouraging all Americans to come together and to unite behind the efforts to fight against the virus.

More details on Quaid's comments below:

Dennis Quaid is a political and registered independent.

He is not an idealogue and is on record supporting presidents from both parties.

When asked specifically what he liked about Trump's response, Quaid cited the daily press briefings as well as Trump's decisive action to secure the borders.

The Hill has more details on Quaid's supportive statements of the president:

Actor Dennis Quaid praised President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic in a new interview, saying that the president is “handling it in a good way.”  

“We see him on television every day, he’s involved, and the travel ban early on was a great idea — which he did in spite of protest about that,” Quaid told The Daily Beast in an interview released Wednesday.

“The Parent Trap” star said that he is an independent and called for the country to unify amid the pandemic, adding that the spread of coronavirus “might be our defining moment of a generation.”

“I’m an independent — I’ve voted both ways throughout my life, swinging like a pendulum toward what the country needed at the time — and I think this might be an opportunity for the country to come together again," he said. "World War II did that for that generation, and this might be our defining moment of a generation."

"It’s going to be a different world, for sure, when all this is over, and hopefully we can all be a bit more unified,” Quaid added.

Most celebrities think in lock-step with each other.

Many fear retaliation or being "black listed" from future Hollywood productions.

However, Dennis Quaid is a recognizable face for millions of Americans and is a household name.

It's rare for someone of his caliber to go against the Hollywood elite and to openly speak out and defend President Trump.

The COVID-19 pandemic impacts people regardless of gender, career, or political party.

A bipartisan coronavirus stimulus package was passed to protect businesses as well as the Americans that they employ.

When asked about the shortage of medical supplies, Quaid raised the issue of state vs. federal responsibility, according to the Daily Beast:

"We were trying to defeat the virus at its source at that time, and as I heard yesterday, Arnold Schwarzenegger and a few other people are taking planes over there and shipping a lot of it back. The states are also responsible for having stockpiles of their own, according to their own needs. You know, New York, I really feel for those people and I think they’re doing their best to get them everything they need. We’ll figure that all out when it’s over, as far as whether anybody died because they couldn’t get a ventilator in a hospital. I haven’t heard reports about that, have you?"

Breitbart confirms that Dennis Quaid also supported President Reagan, but that he is also willing to criticize even the presidents that he likes:

Quaid revealed he was supposed to star in a biopic of President Reagan, but the project has been put on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“He was my favorite president growing up. I voted for him in 1980, and I had a roommate and when I came home and told him I voted for Reagan he said, ‘You are kicked out of the hippies,'” the actor said. “I think he was, in my mind, definitely my favorite president in my lifetime. He was on a par with FDR and Lincoln too, I think. He really transformed our country.”

When The Daily Beast brought up the AIDS pandemic, Quaid admitted that he doesn’t think President Reagan handled the crisis well.

“You’re right about that. I think when it first came out, the whole country in general really considered that to be a ‘gay disease’ and handled it badly from the start,” he said.

It's too early to tell, but perhaps Quaid's comments will encourage a new brand of free thinkers to emerge from the Hollywood elite.

While most A-list celebrities think in lock-step with each other, it's refreshing to hear from someone who supports the President and what he's doing to keep the country safe.

Though Quaid has received some criticism from liberals, he's finding support fromm new and old fans alike.

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