Fauci Debunks Media's Narrative on Trump's "Dangerous" Easter Timeline Fauci Debunks Media's Narrative on Trump's "Dangerous" Easter Timeline

Fauci Debunks Media’s Narrative on Trump’s “Dangerous” Easter Timeline

Leave it up to the mainstream media to turn 1 sentence into a 24/7 news cycle frenzy.

“I’d love to have it open by Easter. I would love to have it opened by Easter,” President Trump said, referring to the U.S. economy.

 "It’s such an important day for other reasons, but I will make it an important day for this too. I would love to have the country opened up and just rearing to go by Easter," Trump continued.

President Trump said these words during a White House coronavirus media briefing.

While these briefings typically last up 90 minutes and are filled with new details, facts, and policy decisions, the media picked up on Trump's Easter statements and created a firestorm.

See the misleading media headlines on Trump's Easter statement below:

The media and other far left panic-spinners left out one key detail: President Trump never said that the country would in fact open by Easter.

He was simply stating that he would "love" if that could happen.

Dr. Fauci has since risen to the president's defense.

It's the president's job to provide hope to the American people, Dr. Fauci claimed.

We 100 percent agree!

The Washington Examiner has more details on Dr. Fauci's defense of the president:

Anthony Fauci downplayed President Trump suggesting the United States could potentially reopen on Easter.

"I think what the president was trying to do — he was making an aspirational projection to give people some hope," Fauci said Thursday on CNN. "But he’s listening to us when we say we’ve really got to reevaluate it in real-time, and any decision we make has to be based on the data."

"That's no time to pull back," the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said about the U.S. continuing to see an increase in coronavirus cases.

Trump gave the Easter date as a possible reopening deadline earlier this week. "I’d love to have it open by Easter. I would love to have it opened by Easter," he said at a Tuesday Fox News town hall event. "I think it’s possible. Why isn’t it? We’ve never closed the country before. We’ve had some pretty bad flus, and we’ve had some pretty bad viruses," he added later in the interview.

The reality is that our understanding on the virus is changing on a daily basis. 

The more that we learn about the virus, the better we'll be able to fight against and protect the American people.

You can watch Dr. Fauci's appearance on The Ingraham Angle defending President Trump:

The U.S. currently leads the world in the hard number of confirmed cases.

However, we're still in healthy shape when the number of infections is examined on a per capita basis.

The United States has over 5.5 times the population of Italy, for example.

Dr. Fauci also defended President Trump by saying that he is extremely flexible, according to Mediaite:

Fauci started by saying “it’s a back-and-forth, the president clearly listens” and telling Ingraham POTUS has an “aspirational goal hoping that we might be able to do it by a certain date.”

“We talk to him about that, we say we need to be flexible, he realizes that, and he accepts that,” Fauci continued. “He doesn’t want to give up his aspirational goal, but he’s flexible enough to say, ‘Okay, let’s look at it on a day-by-day basis.'”

“Even though it looks like he’s made this absolute decision on something, he does have an open mind about it.”

On multiple occassions, Dr. Fauci has stated that President Trump listens to the advice of his experts.

While many in the mainstream media like to portray Trump as an egomaniac, the reality is that he listens to the top experts of each field.

Axios confirms Dr. Fauci's statements on the "misinterpretation" of Trump's comments:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said at a coronavirus briefing Tuesday that President Trump's target date of Easter to ease social distancing is "really very flexible."


Fauci's bottom line: "I think people might get the misinterpretation — [we're] just going to lift everything up. ... That's not going to happen. It's going to be looking at the data."

Will the media ever learn their lesson and begin to report the news instead of spinning it?

One can hope...

People who listen to the president understand exactly what he's saying.

This is why he resonates so strongly with his base. He speaks in plain terms that are easy to understand.

The media should stop trying to spin them out of context.

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