Fox News Ratings Blowout: Sweeps Top 5 While CNN Fails to Rank in Top 20 Fox News Ratings Blowout: Sweeps Top 5 While CNN Fails to Rank in Top 20

Fox News Ratings Blowout: Sweeps Top 5 While CNN Fails to Rank in Top 20

Make Real News Great Again!

The Q1 ratings have been released by Nielsen Media, the standard-bearer for television audience measurements.

Not only does Fox News remain the most watched cable network, it is now breaking new viewership records during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fox News swept the top 5 most watched programs on cable TV, with Hannity coming in first place followed by Tucker Carlson Tonight.

CNN, however, failed to land a single show in the top 20.

That's gotta hurt…

The network's reports like Jim Accosta have consistently sparred with the president in what appears to be an attempt to boost their ratings. 

It apparently isn't working.

More details on Nielsen's ratings below:

As Fox News surges, its competitors continue to tread for water.

While CNN didn't even crack a single show in the top 20, MSNBC performed slightly better.

However, MSNBC's ratings have suffered since the failed impeachment attempt by Democrats.

MSNBC saw its ratings surge during the impeachment process, but its viewers changed the channel when President Trump was acquitted.

Mediate reports that Fox News' audience is larger than CNN and MSNBC's... combined:

According to data from Nielsen Media Research, Fox News had their highest-rated quarter in network history. The network boasted 10 of the top 15 cable news shows in the 25-54 demo. Sean Hannity’s prime time show averaged 4,220,000 viewers, Tucker Carlson drew 4,005,000, The Five drew 3,558,000, Laura Ingraham drew 3,551,000, and Bret Baier’s Special Report scored 3,129,000.

The daily average for the quarter shows that Fox drew about the ratings of CNN and MSNBC combined, for while they drew 1,930,000 viewers, CNN got 901,000 viewers while MSNBC had 1,095,000. In prime time, Fox had 3,387,000 viewers, CNN drew 1,427,000 and MSNBC had 1,928,000. Fox Business also saw its highest rated quarter ever.

Even though Fox remains king of the hill, its worth noting that CNN nearly doubled their viewership from March 2019. The network’s daytime viewership was up a whopping 88 percent from March last year, and prime time saw an even bigger surge, up by 109 percent.

Those are huge numbers!

No wonder Democrats and their allies in the media are always trying to diminish the credibility of Fox News and its reporters.

Fox News' ratings are up 49% compared to this time last year.

For the last few years, Fox News has consistently beaten CNN and MSNBC. But its lead appears to be growing every quarter.

Several media outlets have been accused of censoring the president.

Not Fox News.

The president and the coronavirus task force have been holding daily briefings to update the nation on the latest news and findings. 

While all the news outlets initially covered the briefings, CNN and MSNBC have increasingly cut away or flat out decided not to air them.

Fox News has continued to air the briefings on television for its audience.

The Washington Times reports that even HGTV and ESPN got lower ratings than Fox News:

As it has done for over 18 years, Fox News has bested its news rivals during that three-month period, enjoying an average of 3.4 million viewers during prime time — compared to 1.9 million viewers for MSNBC and 1.4 million for CNN.

Prime-time host Sean Hannity remains the ratings king, drawing 4.2 million viewers, closely followed by Tucker Carlson with 4 million and “The Ingraham Angle” with 3.6 million.

Non-news rivals such as HGTV and ESPN were also trounced according to the Nielsen numbers. Fox News was the most-watched network in the entire cable realm during the day and through prime-time during the three-month period, and it is now marking 15 consecutive quarters — that’s 45 months — in the top spot.

Fox News has also enjoyed 49% growth in daytime viewership and 45% during the prime-time hours compared to this time last year — the most of any cable news network, Nielsen says.

Fox News swept 13 of the top 15 rated shows.

Americans are hungry for news and updates concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

While other networks refuse to air the president's daily briefings (which are the very definition of newsworthy), Fox News has committed to keeping its viewers informed.

Let's hope it stays that way.

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