Illegal Immigrants Face COVID-19 with Job Losses But No Stimulus Checks or Benefits Illegal Immigrants Face COVID-19 with Job Losses But No Stimulus Checks or Benefits

Illegal Immigrants Face COVID-19 with Job Losses But No Stimulus Checks or Benefits

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the pause button on the U.S. economy.

Because much is still unknown regarding the viruses spread and the timeline of a potential vaccine, the economy is temporarily on hold until further notice.

Layoffs have happened in multiple sectors, including restaurants, hospitality, and entertainment.

However, just as the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted American citizens, illegal aliens have lost jobs as well.

Illegals are facing the pandemic with massive job losses, but no stimulus checks or safety nets to help them.

Many have called on illegal immigrants to stay away.

So far, illegal border crossings have dropped dramatically during the pandemic.

More details on all of this below:

During the coronavirus shut down, illegal border crossings have dropped by at least half.

For the illegal immigrants in the country, hard earned taxpayer money will be going to... well, the taxpayers.

WGBH in Massachussetts reports that there is no stimulus package for illegal immigrants:

Undocumented workers have long filled thousands of jobs in Massachusetts on construction sites, in restaurant kitchens and on cleaning crews. And like their coworkers, many have been laid off as efforts to stem the spread of the coronavirus bring everyday life to a standstill. But there's one crucial difference: Undocumented immigrants can't access unemployment benefits.

Three people who call the Boston area home, but have no legal status, shared their fears with WGBH News about surviving without a paycheck and, during a worsening public health crisis, being fearful of accessing medical help.

One East Boston woman said she had come from El Salvador with her two children after her father was murdered. The woman, who did not want to be identified by name, recently lost her job as a cook when the restaurant she worked for closed because of the coronavirus. Her husband, brother and sister-in law lost their restaurant work as well, she said. Because they are undocumented, none of them can collect unemployment.

“We don’t know whether the restaurants are closed for two or three weeks,” she said in Spanish. “That’s what the owner is saying, but really we don’t know with any certainty when we’ll start working. And that’s really worrying, because how is the family going to eat? And the bills are still coming, the rent that we have to pay. This is really worrying us, not knowing what to do.”

Her voice wavered as she described watching people leave supermarkets with stockpiles of food. She pleaded for those with money to think of those without.

“Think a little about the people who go to the supermarkets and don’t have the same resources as them to buy two full shopping carts at once," she said. "Think of these people who do not have enough money."

Marion Davis of the Massachusetts Immigrant & Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA) said that the biggest concern facing most undocumented immigrants is access to food.

There are no official resources designed for undocumented people, and advocates are scrambling to gather donations for charity funds. Boston’s COVID-19 resource guide for immigrants “regardless of immigration status” refers those needing food to the nonprofit Project Bread, which has a FoodSource Hotline. It gives statewide referrals to locations that provide food support, and the organization says it can provide information in 160 different languages.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently fumed that illegal immigrants will not be getting anything from the stimulus bill passed by the Senate.

Perhaps someone should tell her that the bill was unanimous, receiving 96-0 votes. 

Not a single Democrat or Republican voted against the bill.

Talk about bipartisan!

Yet AOC is slamming Republicans and Republicans alone for no designated funds in the bill for those in the country illegally.

While some are mad that the stimulus bill doesn't include benefits for those who have entered the country illegally, President Trump is proving yet again that he prioritizes all human life above politics.

The President has said that illegals can receive free COVID-19 testing without fear of being deported.

Will AOC and Democrats praise the president for his leadership on this issue?

The Hill has more details on the president's pledge:

President Trump on Sunday said undocumented immigrants should be able to get tested for coronavirus without fear of arrest or deportation.

"The answer is yes, we will do those tests," Trump said during a White House briefing.

"You could say illegal alien, you could say illegal immigrant, you could say whatever you want to use your definition of what you’er talking about… Yes we will test that person," he continued. "Because I think it’s important we test that person, and we don’t’ want to send that person back into wherever we’re going to be sending that person."

Vice President Pence noted at the briefing that Customs and Border Protection issued guidance that agents will not target emergency rooms or health clinics in search of undocumented immigrants, barring extraordinary circumstances.

A $2 trillion stimulus package is nothing to blink at.

The federal budget is typically $4 trillion per year.

In just 1 week, our government is poised to pass a bill that spends half the annual budget.

These monies should be used to benefit American taxpayers, not lawbreakers.

It seems like the pandemic is also playing a role in curbing illegal immigration.

CNN reports that lawful and unlawful border crossings are down by up to 70 percent:

Both legal and illegal travel at the US borders with Canada and Mexico has drastically changed in the past week following the Trump administration's stringent restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

Lawful vehicle and pedestrian border traffic is down around 70% compared to normal traffic flow, according to an official from the Department of Homeland Security, who added that people are heeding the instructions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to stay home and only travel when necessary.

Illegal border crossings, thie vast majority of which occur at the southwest border, are also down, according to sources. Several Customs and Border Protection employees have also tested positive for the coronavirus, sources tell CNN. The agency is the first line of contact for travelers coming into the US.

Last week, the Trump administration took the unprecedented step of promising to immediately return migrants who illegally cross the border to Mexico, Canada or their country of origin, as well as limiting lawful travel at the ports of entry to only essential traffic.

As President Trump has frequently said, "Border security is health security."

In order to keep our people safe, it's important to know exactly who is coming into our country... and why.

In the meantime, taxpayer money should be used to help American taxpayers during this time of crisis.

And that's exactly what the stimulus package does.

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