Laura Krolczyk, NY Cancer Center VP, Fired After Anti-Trump Facebook Post Laura Krolczyk, NY Cancer Center VP, Fired After Anti-Trump Facebook Post

Laura Krolczyk, NY Cancer Center VP, Fired After Anti-Trump Facebook Post

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How quickly things can change in just 24 hours.

On Friday, Laura Krolczyk was the vice president of the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The next day, she was fired for anti-Trump posts she published on Facebook and implied death for Trump supporters.

Krolczyk posted an article on Facebook regarding ventilators for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her caption was a sarcastic "Vote Trump."

But the captions are where things got real interesting.

Krolczyk commented that Trump supporters and voters should "give up their ventilators for someone else… and not go to the hospital."

Oh, did we mention that Krolczyk is a former Hillary Clinton staffer?!

More details on this developing story below:

As the vice president of a research center, Krolczyk should be for the health and well-being of all people.

However, her tirade on Facebook implied that Trump supporters should die... after all, that would be the result of a serious case of COVID-19 without a hospital or ventilator.

The social media reaction was swift and furious, which resulted in a review by the institution.

The local Buffalo News reports:

Roswell Park responded a short time later with a statement saying the remarks by Krolczyk, who was not named, were "inappropriate."

"They do not reflect the opinions of Roswell Park or its senior leadership," CEO Candace S. Johnson said in the statement.

The institution later added: "This behavior is not tolerated at Roswell Park. If any team members act in a way that does not accord with that commitment, we will take swift and appropriate action, just as we did in this instance."

Krolczyk earned $226,580 in 2019, according to the SeeThroughNY database of public payroll records.

Joseph Lorigo, the Erie County Legislature's minority leader, said he reached out to Roswell Park after receiving complaints from constituents about the Facebook exchange.

He said Johnson returned his call promptly and assured him the cancer center took the matter seriously and had placed Krolczyk on leave right away.

"I think Dr. Johnson handled it appropriately," Lorigo said, adding that a partisan exchange of this nature isn't needed amid a national crisis.

Caputo echoed this sentiment later on Saturday.

Roswell Park "has taken this seriously, proving they have zero tolerance for sick partisan comments about a public health crisis," he tweeted. "All Roswell administration employees must take a lesson from this and (Johnson) should be commended for her leadership."

Hauptman Woodward on Saturday issued a statement that emphasized the remarks were made by the unnamed executive on a personal Facebook account.

"HWI leadership is addressing this regrettable personnel matter directly with the individual involved, who has been placed on administrative leave pending further internal review," the nonprofit research institute said.

The partisan nature of Krolczyk's are extremely uncalled for in times of national crisis.

They're also unbecoming of a healthcare professional, whose duty is to care for all patients.

It is also being reported that Krolczyk was paid $226,580 per year by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corporation.

This has raised the ire of many online commenters:

If Krolczyk was able to post something so callous publicly on Facebook, many wonder what she was saying behind closed doors.

Krolczyk also urged people not to cash their stimulus check, claiming that it was a hoax.

Now that Krolczyk is unemployed, will she attempt to benefit from the stimulus package's beefed up unemployment benefits, or does she consider that to be a hoax as well?

The Blaze confirms Krolczyk's comments:

A top medical executive at a Buffalo hospital was fired this weekend after demanding that supporters of President Donald Trump renounce ventilators if they become critically ill with coronavirus.

In a Facebook exchange, Laura Krolczyk, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center's now former vice president for external affairs, wrote, "Trump supporters need to pledge to give up their ventilators for someone else ... and not go to the hospital."

Krolczyk also said Trump supporters should "barricade themselves" inside churches to ride out the coronavirus.

"Also don't cash your stimulus check. It's all a hoax. Chew some ibuprofen and be on with your day," Krolczyk wrote of Trump supporters.

Fortunately, the New York cancer center understood the severity of Krolczyk's comments.

Though she was initially placed on administrative leave, she was eventually fired.

What a turn of events! Within 24 hours, Krolczyk's Facebook post resulted in her losing her prestigious position at the center.

Be careful of what you post online!

But then again... if you're not posting anything hateful in the first place, it shouldn't be an issue!

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