#MeToo Leader Alyssa Milano Called Out for Silence on Biden's Sexual Assault Allegations #MeToo Leader Alyssa Milano Called Out for Silence on Biden's Sexual Assault Allegations

#MeToo Leader Alyssa Milano Called Out for Silence on Biden’s Sexual Assault Allegations

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Paging Alyssa Milano! 

The #MeToo pioneer has been unusually quiet since allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against Joe Biden.

If Milano's absense is purposeful, then it raises fundemantal questions into the far left's cry to "believe all women."

As recently as March 2, 2020, Milano tweeted an endorsement of Biden, writing a post about his "power of intelligence, kindness and decency."

However, it appears that Hollywood's #MeToo leaders are turning a blind eye to sexual assault allegations against the former vice president.

Is it coincidence? Or is it political cherrypicking?

More details on the accusations and the firestorm over Milano's absense below:

Tara Reade, a former staff assistant for Joe Biden, has spoken out and accused him of sexual assault.

She tried going public with her story, but many of the mainstream outlets refused to cover it.

Reade even went to the #MeToo legal fund (yes, that's a thing), and they refused to help her, claiming that it would risk their non-profit status since Biden is running for president.

You can watch Tara Reade recount her experience with Biden on The Hill's YouTube channel:

As social media outrage continues to build, and considering that Reade went straight to the #MeToo legal defense fund, it is highly unlikely that Milano is unaware of the accusations against Biden.

Why the silence?

Many have accused her of willingly turning a blind eye to support the candidate that conventional analysts say has the best chance of defeating President Trump.

The Daily Wire confirms that the #MeToo legal fund denied Reade's plea for help:

The woman who has come forward to accuse former Vice President Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in the early 90s was denied legal assistance from a prominent #MeToo law fund.

The Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit organization set up within the National Women’s Law Center, which is itself a non-profit, initially seemed interested in taking Tara Reade’s case against Biden. But after discussions within the organization, Reade was declined help because Biden was a candidate for federal office, which could jeopardize the organization’s non-profit status, The Intercept reported.

The outlet reported that Reade in January first spoke to NWLC Program Director Ellie Driscoll, who wrote a note that she planned to send to attorneys who may be interested in taking Reade’s case:

She began publicly sharing the harassment she experienced in April 2019 but was attacked … online including by Richard Painter (Univ. of MN law professor who worked in the Obama administration) and journalist Edward-Isaac Dovere for being a Russian operative. There is more to the story of the harassment that she did not feel safe sharing at that time. She is looking for support in sharing her story and guidance on any possible legal action she may be able to take against online harassers.

The Intercept noted that Painter actually served in the Bush administration and ran for Senate in 2018 as a Democrat.

In February, Reade was told Time’s Up couldn’t help her with legal bills or public relations support because of its non-profit status.

“As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the National Women’s Law Center is restricted in how it can spend its funds, including restrictions that pertain to candidates running for election,” NWLC spokeswoman Maria Patrick told The Intercept. “Our decision on whether or not to provide certain types of support to an individual should not be interpreted as our validation or doubt of the truthfulness of the person’s statements. Regardless, our support of workers who come forward regarding workplace sexual harassment remains unwavering.”

This has left many social media users asking, where is Alyssa Milano?

She is one of the pioneers of the #MeToo movement, and one of the most vocal ones at that.

Will she believe Tara Reade as she's so quickly believed others?

See some of the outrage currently building on social media below:

Joe Biden has previously said he believes all women. 

Well, does he believe his former staffer, Tara Reade?

Reade accused Biden of pressing her against a wall, and then penetrating her in the 1990s.

She was a staffer when Biden served in the U.S. Senate.

PJ Media has more on Reade's accusations, which the mainstream media appears to be ignoring at the moment:

Reason.com's Robby Soave: "Joe Biden Said He Believes All Women. Does He Believe Tara Reade?"

Tara Reade is a former Biden staffer who has come forward to accuse the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee of sexual assault. It's a story, like many of these stories, that's been floating around a while as the victim dithered about going public. But three days ago, a story appeared on the far-left Intercept website, detailing her allegation and the resistance it was generating.

You might recall the 3-inch headlines in the Washington Post and the New York Times reporting on the allegations and the wall-to-wall cable news coverage as well. Oh...wait.

Not a peep from media sources that made a huge show of their support for women's charges of harassment and assault no matter how old or flimsy they were.

The story of Reade's sexual assault -- that Biden tried kissing her, groped her, and penetrated her with his fingers -- isn't as important as the reaction of feminists, liberals and the media. True, we're in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. But this is a story that could derail Biden's candidacy -- if the media let it.

The mainstream media has given Reade little attention. She was  interviewed on Hill.TV by Krystall Ball and Saagar Enjeti (whose  populist impulses often put them at odds with the establishments of both parties), but  The New York Times,  Washington Post, and CNN have all declined to cover the story thus far.

The anti-Biden left, however, has seized the opportunity. #IBelieveTaraReade was trending on Twitter on Thursday. Nathan Robinson, editor of the leftist publication Current Affairs, has criticized MSNBC and CNN for failing to cover the story.

The same people quick to believe the sudden allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh are suspiciously absent in this episode of #MeToo.

Now that The Hill has released their nearly half an hour interview with Tara Reade, will other mainstream outlets pick up on the story?

While COVID-19 is understandably getting the lion's share of the headlines, surely there's room somewhere... anywhere... for this new allegation against a Democratic presidential candidate.

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