The COVID-19 Pandemic Isn't Slowing Down Border Wall Construction; Still On Track for 450 New Miles This Year The COVID-19 Pandemic Isn't Slowing Down Border Wall Construction; Still On Track for 450 New Miles This Year

The COVID-19 Pandemic Isn’t Slowing Down Border Wall Construction; Still On Track for 450 New Miles This Year

COVID-19 single-handedly derailed major sporting events and our modern way of life.

But one thing that hasn't been touched by COVID-19 is Trump's commitment to border security.

A new report reveals that construction of the border wall is continuing amidst the pandemic.

In fact, Homeland Security acting Secretary Chad Wolf expects that up to 450 new miles of border wall will be built in 2020, fulfilling Trump's promise for the year.

In almost every state, construction is considered an essential business.

So while construction of homes and businesses are permitted to continue in most parts of the country during COVID-19, so too does construction continue on our southern border.

More details on this new report below:

Trump famously stated that border security is health security.

While the nation suffers from COVID-19, this is a stark reminder that disease and sickness can be brought in through open borders.

Monitoring who comes into the nation can help minimize the risk and spread of unwanted diseases.

At least 40 House Democrats signed a letter urging the administration to "immediately" stop border wall construction.

What's notable, however, is that these Democrats don't have an issue with the construction still occuring throughout the country. They appear only to be upset with the construction happening at the southern border.

The Daily Caller confirms that border wall construction is continuing at a healthy pace:

“The wall is continuing to be built! Construction teams are self-contained and are continuing to work,” Ken Cuccinelli, the acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), said on Tuesday. Cuccinelli was touting the progress made thus far while stressing that the agency is taking precautions from the coronavirus.

The Trump administration has long made it a goal to build 400 or so miles before the November elections — and officials have given no indication that COVID-19 is going to hinder their ambitions.

While speaking at a news conference alongside President Donald Trump on April 1, Homeland Security acting Secretary Chad Wolf said the administration is continuing to put up miles of wall “everyday,” and added that they are still on track to complete 400 to 450 miles by the end of the calendar year.

The persistent results are largely a reflection of the fact that CBP never stopped making border security a priority, and has continued to rack up major drug busts and criminal apprehensions while the rest of the country remains largely indoors.Border security has actually become substantially tighter amid the COVID-19 crisis, with the Trump administration declaring both the southern and northern borders to be closed for all non-essential travel, and all illegal aliens would be immediately returned back. The directive has resulted in a major drop in illegal crossings.

It is widely expected that Mexico could be the next hotspot for a COVID-19 outbreak.

If that happens, then border security will be critical.

States like Texas and Louisiana and California would be greatly impacted if people infected with the novel coronavirus start pouring in through the southern border.

Below are partisan complaints from Democrats who are seemingly ok with construction being classified as essential elsewhere in the country, but not on the southern border:

An estimated 40 miles of new border wall have been built since the novel coronavirus outbreak began.

The border wall has been proven to keep illegal aliens from entering the United States, which is why it is truly an essential need... especially in times of a pandemic.

While we're trying to limit the spread of COVID-19 within our borders, we shouldn't be allowing anymore cases of the virus to come in through illegal entries.

The Washington Examiner reports that an additional 400 miles are in the preconstruction phase:

The federal government has constructed more than 40 miles of wall along the southern border with Mexico since the outbreak of the coronavirus in the United States.

More than half of the additional wall and fencing have been constructed since early February, the Washington Times reported.

The first confirmed case of the COVID-19 virus was reported on Jan. 20.

“Today is not the time to play politics with the lives of U.S. Citizens," Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, told the newspaper. "Walls have proven to stop illegal entries into the United States, therefore they are an essential law enforcement resource which will undoubtedly help in reducing the spread of COVID-19."

Federal immigration authorities said they have completed 142 miles of new wall with more than 400 still in the preconstruction phase, and it is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Last week, the Department of Homeland Security changed its asylum-seeker 'Remain in Mexico' policy so migrants will remain there longer because of the outbreak of the virus, the Washington Examiner reported.

President Trump has touted that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

He has also said that the cure cannot be worse than the disease.

Our nation must continue functioning even as the pandemic hits, and keeping our borders secure ensures that we still have a nation to protect!

Thank you, Mr. President, for putting American lives first!

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