Trump Administration Claims Stimulus Checks to Be Sent This Week or Early Next Week Trump Administration Claims Stimulus Checks to Be Sent This Week or Early Next Week

Trump Administration Claims Stimulus Checks to Be Sent This Week or Early Next Week

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It’s pretty difficult to argue that President Trump hasn’t been working overtime the past few weeks in combating the COVID crisis. Between his daily press briefings, communication with governors, and calls with company CEOs, it’s a wonder the President finds time to sleep.

One action the President took in response to the disease is signing the COVID stimulus bill. The bill provides for direct payments to most Americans as a form of relief from the economic downturn.

Now, according to the Trump administration, the government is finally ready to get the ball rolling on getting Americans their checks. Lary Kudlow, the Director of the Economic Council, stated that direct deposits will begin going out this week or early next week.

Forbes reports the latest:

Your Coronavirus stimulus check may go out this week or next.

Here’s what you need to know.

Stimulus Check

“The checks from the Treasury and the IRS probably start going out…I think this week, perhaps early next,” Larry Kudlow, Director of the U.S. Economic Council, said to CNBC.

That’s good news for millions of Americans who are waiting for their stimulus check due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which could be as much as $1,200 per person, $2,400 for married couples filing jointly and $500 per dependent child. Kudlow added, “We’re giving assistance checks to 175 million Americans.” A memo from the House Ways and Means Committee, however, claims that although 60 million stimulus checks will be distributed in mid-April, other Americans who did not provide direct deposit on their tax return potentially may need to wait months before they receive their stimulus check. The House Ways and Means Committee memo says that check distribution could work like this:

  • Week of April 13, 2020: 60 million checks distributed through direct deposit
  • Week of May 4, 2020: The IRS will start sending paper stimulus checks.
  • Each week thereafter: Approximately 5 million paper checks will be issued each week.

Based on this tentative schedule, the memo says that some Americans may not receive their check until the week of August 17. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin disputes that timeline and says checks will be distributed within “a matter of weeks, and not months.” The Treasury Department told USA TODAY that 50 million to 70 million Americans would receive their stimulus checks via direct deposit by April 15. Within three weeks, the Treasury Department said the “overwhelming majority of eligible Americans” will receive their stimulus check.

Kudlow also went on Fox Business to discuss the stimulus checks and other actions the Trump administration is taking to aid Americans. Check out his appearance below:

While the President and his administration are busy assisting Americans, Democrats are whining that illegal aliens won't be receiving any checks. 

It's astounding that America is in the midst of one of the worst economic downturns in recent history and Democrats are spending their time and worry on non-Americans.

Take a look:

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