Trump Right Again: Cuomo May Have Over-Predicted Ventilator Needs by Factor of 8, Report Shows Trump Right Again: Cuomo May Have Over-Predicted Ventilator Needs by Factor of 8, Report Shows

Trump Right Again: Cuomo May Have Over-Predicted Ventilator Needs by Factor of 8, Report Shows

A new report shows that New York Governor Cuomo may have overestimated the number of ventilators the state would need by a factor of 8.

Cuomo wanted anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 additional ventilators.

However, a new report from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation shows that the state may have already reached its peak ventilator usage on April 8, 2020.

What was the peak?

The state needed 5,008 ventilators.

That means the dire predictions of ventilator shortages and rationing was off by 34,992 ventilators.

But when Trump questioned Cuomo's claim, he was skewered by the left wing media.

Take a look at some of the headlines below:

The president has access to information that the general public does not. 

It wouldn't be unfathomable that some of the models and numbers he had access to were always more accurate than the worst case scenario models that the media have been promoting.

More details below:

New York City Mayor de Blasio says that the city has enough ventilators for the next 48-72 hours for sure.

If the city for whatever reason needs more ventilators, there are an additional 2,800 in the state's supply as well as 10,000 in the federal national stockpile.

However, even if the state or city needs to tap into the stockpile, it's a far cry from the 40,000 that Governor Cuomo predicted that the state would need.

Will Democrats apologize for unnecessarily criticizing President Trump and stoking fear?

New York City is the epicenter of the outbreak, so the state's ventilator needs will depend on the city's progress.

Gothamist has more from the Big Apple itself:

Mayor Bill de Blasio offered a detailed update on New York City's COVID-19 response needs on Sunday, a day which he had previously anticipated city hospitals would run out of ventilators. Thankfully, de Blasio said that his pleas for more equipment were heard. "The ventilators we've gotten will stretch farther than we earlier projected," he said.

So far, the city has distributed 2,865 ventilators and 1,780 BiPAP machines to hospitals, plus there's also a reserve of 135 ventilators to be deployed to hospitals as needed. About 4,000 coronavirus patients are currently being kept alive on ventilators across the city now, de Blasio said. On average, each day about 200 to 300 patients are being intubated and need ventilators. Coronavirus patients who are intubated are generally hooked up to ventilators for at least a week, if not two to three weeks.

Based on the city's calculations, there will be enough ventilators for the next 48-72 hours. De Blasio pleaded for machines from the two places he knows there are ventilators, the federal stockpile, which is currently about 10,000, and the New York state supply, which is around 2,800. "We need them in place before that new patient comes in," de Blasio said. "That vent has to be up and ready in time for that one next patient," and not sitting in a warehouse.

That is the reality on the ground.

While this will likely be the hardest week for the U.S. in terms of COVID-19 deaths, the fears of ventilator shortages appear to be massively overblown.

Less than a month ago, the New York Times predicted the city would be 15,783 ventilators too short:

It is still possible that the state could slow down the spread of the virus enough to curb the demand for ventilators, the machines that help the sickest patients to breathe. But a panel convened a few years ago by the state found that in the worst-case scenario of a flulike pandemic, New York could be short by as many as 15,783 ventilators a week at the peak of the crisis.

Virtually no media has revisited their reporting on the matter.

Turns out that President Trump was right again.

Many on the right have criticized Governor Cuomo for using his daily briefings to attack the president.

As Joe Biden continues his mental fumbles, there have been rumors that Cuomo is attempting to position himself in the unlikely scenario that Biden does not end up being the nominee.

While Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the race, many people have questioned Biden's mental ability to be president.

Nevertheless, Cuomo over-estimated New York's needs for ventilators, potentially causing unnecessary panic, according to The Federalist:

President Donald Trump was pilloried by the media for questioning whether New York would actually need 30,000 additional ventilators or 40,000 ventilators total as claimed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in late March. New models from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation show that New York already reached its peak projected ventilator usage on April 8, with a projected need of 5,008. The actual use may have been even lower.

As of press time, no media outlets revisited their reporting on the matter.

In late March, it was a huge story that Trump had told Sean Hannity he doubted that New York would need that many ventilators. Politico’s Quint Forgey and Matthew Choi framed the dust-up in their article headlined “Trump downplays need for ventilators as New York begs to differ."

This should be a fact that is celebrated by the media.

This means that the American people have been successful in flattening the curve and avoiding overcrowding the hospital and healthcare systems.

However, it appears that the media would prefer to report on things that create panic rather than calm during this time of crisis.

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