Trump Should "Force" China to Cancel All U.S. Debt, Republicans Including Trey Gowdy Suggest Trump Should "Force" China to Cancel All U.S. Debt, Republicans Including Trey Gowdy Suggest

Trump Should “Force” China to Cancel All U.S. Debt, Republicans Including Trey Gowdy Suggest

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a tremendous toll not only on the United States, but on the entire world.

The novel coronavirus has cost the U.S. thousands of lives, with many more at stake in the coming weeks and months.

But aside from the loss of life, it's also brought the national economy to a grinding halt.

The best way to prevent the virus from spreading is for everyone to stay home, which has resulted in the closure of countless businesses and a skyrocketing unemployment rate.

In addition to the suffering economy, our government was forced to take out trillions in new debt to help support businesses and American workers.

Talk about a double whammy.

Well… Republican Representative Trey Gowdy is not having any of it.

Representative Gowdy suggested that President Trump should "force" China to forgive U.S. debt as a price to pay for COVID-19.

The novel coronavirus originated from China, and the Chinese government bungled the early response, which allowed a localized crisis to turn into a global pandemic.

Furthermore, the Chinese government lied about the scale of the outbreak as well as basic facts.

For example, the Chinese government claimed early on that human-to-human transmission was impossible, a claim that was tweeted and shared without question by the World Health Organization.

More details on Gowdy's recommendation below:

Aside from forgiving U.S. debt, Gowdy suggested that Trump should also punish China by incentivizing U.S. companies to once again manufacture goods in the U.S.A.

The pandemic has taught us that global supply chains can cause crisis here at home when the entire world shuts down.

Early during the pandemic, Trump signed an order that would help end our reliance on China for medical equipment.

Breitbart has more details on Gowdy's call that China forgive our debt:

With China reportedly covering up the coronavirus outbreak and hoarding important medical materials such as Personal Protective Equipment to corner the market and the White House mulling taking action against them, former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) said in a Tuesday appearance on “Fox & Friends” the United States could hit China “where it hurts the most” to hold them accountable.

Instead of combating China in the “toothless” courts, Gowdy suggested the Trump administration can “ostracize them on the world stage,” not allow their students to study abroad and deduct money that the country owes China.


He continued, “The Trump administration doesn’t need to go to court to hold China accountable. You can hit them where it hurts the most. You can ostracize them on the world stage, quit letting their students come here and study, you can make them a pariah, but most importantly you can start deducting the amount of money we owe them and other countries owe them, deduct our costs including the loss of life, but all of the other costs, start deducting that, and then see what China’s reaction is.”

Indeed, misinformation from China slowed the world's response and also created a flawed understanding of the disease.

Now that testing is more robust in the United States, we have a better understanding of how the disease spreads and a closer idea of the actual mortality rates.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken two different but stark tolls: the toll on human life and the toll on the economy.

It's not just Representative Gowdy.

Representative Jim Banks from Indiana said that Trump should "force" China to forgive our debt.

Newsmax confirms Banks' comments:

Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson this week that President Donald Trump should “force” China to forgive America’s debt as the coronavirus outbreak threatens to crash the economy.

“The coronavirus is a Chinese virus, no matter what they are telling you,” Carlson said on his show Monday night, according to the Washington Examiner. “It originated in China and was able to spread to the rest of the world because the Chinese government hid the truth of what was happening early in the outbreak from the rest of the world. They lied about it, and that caused the terrible consequences we are watching now. You can blame China for that.”

It's a view shared by many Republicans in DC.

Republicans have been openly critical of Beijing, according to Politico:

“It’s like a bad movie. It’s like the sinister person goes out and causes a problem and then only they can solve the problem — but it’s going to cost you money,” Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), who has proposed aggressive measures to punish China, said in an interview. “That’s exactly what this is. They caused this problem.”

Scott has secured a commitment from Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) to investigate the World Health Organization’s handling of the pandemic. The WHO is under fire for allegedly not taking a harder stance against Beijing even as it downplayed the crisis; the U.N. body is also accused of poor judgment for publicizing a preliminary Chinese finding suggesting that Covid-19 could not be transmitted from human to human. Since that assessment, the virus has spread across the globe, killing tens of thousands of people and bringing many economies to a near halt.

The Florida Republican isn’t the only senator looking to whack Beijing. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jim Risch (R-Idaho) joined calls for a WHO probe on Tuesday, including an examination of whether U.S. funding of the group should be revoked. Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) recently called on the State Department to conduct its own investigation into China’s role, while Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) wants Beijing to forgive U.S. debt and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) is looking to sanction Chinese officials.

While Trump's domestic political opponents will attempt to cast blame on him, the reality is that this worldwide crisis came from China.

Nearly every virus that has threatened the world in the last three decades has come from China.

Furthermore, the Chinese government has often released details that are questionable or murky at best.

This pandemic has cost lives, jobs, and economic stability.

The U.S. should not be the one to pay for this crisis, Republicans say.

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