Update: Only 2,800 Tune Into Joe Biden's Coronavirus "Shadow Briefings" Update: Only 2,800 Tune Into Joe Biden's Coronavirus "Shadow Briefings"

Update: Only 2,800 Tune Into Joe Biden’s Coronavirus “Shadow Briefings”

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Talk about low energy…

Only 2,800 people tuned into Joe Biden's latest livestream.

On Monday, Biden began streaming "shadow briefings" to counter the daily pressers by President Trump and the coronavirus task force.

It appears that very few people have any interest in what Biden has to say.

The good news… is that 2,800 viewers is bigger than some of the campaign rallies that Biden has hosted.

More details below:

Social media views and likes don't necessarily translate into votes, but they are certainly indicative of the enthusiasm behind a candidate.

More social media followers also allow the candidates to speak straight to voters, rather than the through the media filter.

Trump is known for his massive Twitter following as well as his natural ability to utilize social media to his advantage.

Biden's performance on social media has been abysmal, Breitbart reports:

Former Vice President Joe Biden hosted a “Happy Hour with Young Americans” livestream Wednesday night and only 2,800 people tuned in, according to a CBS news reporter.


Anyway, once Biden’s pathetic hour-long Happy Hour was over, the total viewers tallied 141,000, but that number counts the number of people who watched anywhere from 30 seconds and up. In other words, if someone tunes in for 31 seconds, gets bored and shuts it off, they count in that 141,000 number. What we do know for a fact is that only 2,800 on average watched the full hour, which is simply pathetic.

Biden, who broadcasts these livestreams from his basement, is so personally inept and has hired such an inept team, they not only cannot draw any viewers, they only figured out how to livestream this week!

Biden is almost certainly going to be the 2020 Democrat nominee, and he still disappeared for two weeks because he couldn’t figure out this whole InterWebNetsDotThing. It’s simply unbelievable.

This disastrous Happy Hour also streamed on YouTube, where it received a pathetic 23,693 additional views (as of this writing) — which again counts viewers who only watch for 30 seconds. Better still, the up and down votes are absolutely brutal: only 696 up votes for Biden’s Happy Hour, and 1,700 down votes.

What’s more, Joe Biden has his own YouTube channel, and that YouTube channel has only 19,000 subscribers.

Let's put these numbers into perspective.

President Trump has at least 310,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Trump also regularly has anywhere from 15,000-25,000 people attending his campaign rallies, with many more people in overflow.

That's in real life.

Not livestreams.

What's even more embarrassing for Biden is that his livestreams have gotten more negative reactions and more thumbs-downs than likes.

See below:

The COVID-19 pandemic is easily one of the hottest stories of the decade, if not our lifetimes.

If a presidential candidate can't gain traction during one of the most newsworthy events, then are his policies really anything to write-home about?

President Trump has shown strong leadership, visionary action, and decisive thinking.

Biden, on the other hand, appears to stumble on pre-planned livestreams that nobody watches.

The Daily Wire confirms the low ratings for Biden:

Former Vice President Joe Biden is struggling to find a way to inject himself into the media cycle, and when holding “shadow” coronavirus briefings didn’t quite work out, he and his campaign planned a series of “virtual happy hour” events, designed to attract younger voters to the Biden for president campaign.

The effort didn’t work, drawing just 2,800 simultaneous viewers on Wednesday night.

CBS News tried to play off the Biden event as “lit,” but social media simply wasn’t having it, particularly given that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Biden’s only remaining competition for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, pulled in between 6,000 and 7,000 viewers for an impromptu livecast earlier in the day.

Depending on how long the COVID-19 pandemic lasts, candidates may have to utilize digital campaigning to reach voters.

Until it's safe to gather in large groups, in-person rallies and townhalls will be off the table.

Trump has shown his incredible skill in wielding social media.

Biden's social media platforms are looking sleepier and sleepier by the day...

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