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85% of Recent New South Wales, Australia COVID-19 Deaths Were Fully or Partially Vaccinated



Watching Australia’s politicians and public health officials speak about COVID-19 is like witnessing a train wreck.

None of their statements make sense and only show the utter insanity of the country’s Orwellian lockdowns.

New South Wales Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr. Marianne Gale recently announced details of 7 COVID-19 deaths in her state.

Listen closely to her press conference below:

6 out of 7 people who passed away received at least one dose of an experimental COVID-19 injection.

All the individuals had underlying health conditions.

5 were 70+ years of age.

While 7 deaths doesn’t seem like a lot for Australia’s most populated state, it adds to the increasing rate of COVID-19 deaths in the country.

According to Worldometer, Australia has reported 1,357 COVID-19 deaths.

After two brief surges in 2020, Australia reported 1 death during the first half of 2021.

The latest surge coincides with the world’s most draconian lockdowns many parts of Australia now live under.

New South Wales has faced some of the harshest COVID-19 restrictions, but cases/deaths continue to skyrocket out of control.

And the Australian regime has ramped up the pressure to vaccinate their population.

Since July 1, 2021, Australia’s fully vaccinated rate has risen from 6.7% to 46.2%.

Despite increased vaccination rates and perpetual lockdowns, this is where Australia stands in their ‘fight against the virus.’

Maybe it’s because the lockdowns and experimental injections don’t have a positive impact on COVID-19.

They’ve only proven to be counterproductive.

It’s about control and subjecting citizens to this new wave of authoritarianism.

From the Daily Expose:

As you can see from the above data, the seven deaths recorded in one day on the 27th September is actually among the highest number of alleged Covid-19 deaths to occur over a 24 hour period throughout New South Wales, Australia during this entire pandemic.

This is clear evidence that lockdowns and the Covid-19 vaccines do not work, because the state of New South Wales is currently suffering both. The state has enforced stay at home orders for much of New South Wales for the past two months, alongside mandatory mask wearing both indoors and outdoors, permits to leave home, and permits to go to work, as well as carrying out an extensive Covid-19 vaccination programme.


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