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iPhone’s Apple Wallet Now Lets You Add COVID-19 Vaccine Cards



Everyone raves about the latest technology.

But not many people ask what’s the REAL reason for the newest gadgets.

Cell phones have made our lives easier, but they’re the easiest method of control for many people in our society.

And that’s what the technocratic elites will target for authoritarian control of the people.

With the latest technological advancements, the elites want to digitalize everything.

Proof of COVID-19 jab is an easy first step to digitalize all your health records.

iPhone’s newest software now allows you to upload COVID-19 vaccine passports into Apple Wallet.

It’s a ‘convenient’ method for users to carry their health records without pesky papers.

But how long until carrying your records on your phone becomes mandatory?

That’s the question hardly anyone asks when they’re groveling over their fancy apps.

From USA Today:

On Monday, Apple released iOS 15.1, an update to its operating system for iPhones which will introduce features including SharePlay to share experiences like watching movies directly in FaceTime.

The update also includes the option for iPhone owners to add their COVID vaccine cards directly in Apple Wallet.

Apple introduced the feature last month. When iOS 15 arrived in September, Apple offered iPhone users the option to store vaccine and test result records from providers within the Health app.

Users have several options for including their vaccine card to Apple Wallet. If using a QR code, iPhone owners scan it with their camera, tap the Health app notification, then add it to the Wallet and Health apps.

Soon enough, you’ll have all your health records stored on your phone.

And like we’ve already seen in NYC, you must present “papers” at many locations like its Nazi Germany.

However, today’s society makes everything digital.

That makes it easier for the government and tech corporations to track & trace you.

The 21st century version of “papers please.”

If you don’t believe me, check out this snippet from The Hill:

Apple also announced that with the iOS 15 update, users can store verifiable versions of their COVID-19 vaccine and test result records in the company’s Health app on iPhones and iPod Touches.

The vaccine and test result records are downloaded in a verifiable format and digitally signed by the provider of the vaccine or test, according to the company.

Apple said the software “is similar to providing paper documents with an official seal.”

How many readers with an iPhone want to upgrade their software to iOS 15.1 knowing its capabilities?


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