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It’s Bad When the Media And Romney Both Slam Democrats for Botching the Stimulus Bill




Even the mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC, and New York Times) appear to have turned on Democrats for voting against the COVID-19 stimulus bill.


And you know it's even worse when Mitt Romney, the sole Republican to vote to impeach President Trump, is criticizing Democrats as well.

According to Romney, "Nothing in the Senate shocked me" until Democrats shot down the coronavirus relief bill.

Those are harsh words coming from the only Republican who appeared to turn against the president during impeachment.

Who knew that criticism of Senate Democrats could be bipartisan?

More details and some updates from the left-wing media below:

What makes this particularly notable is that the media has taken nearly every opportune moment to politicize the pandemic and criticize the president.

Yet, after the Senate failed to pass the stimulus package, the disappointment from the mainstream media was palpable. 

The mouthpieces of the left were able to recognize that the bill would have provided much needed relief to millions of Americans.

RedState compiled the media's reaction to the squashed stimulus bill:

Democrats should be able to gauge when they’ve made a massive mistake by certain occurrences and the mainstream media turning on them should be one of them.

The mainstream media, with its leftist bent, is usually on the front lines running defense for Democrats at all times, even sometimes to the point of being an enemy to everyone else, including the people it’s reporting the news to. However, after the Democrats voted en masse to kill the Wuhan virus stimulus package to help our economy stay afloat as it tanks, the media are now calling the Democrats out and painting them as villains.

Like they say: even a broken clock is right twice a day.

What was even more shocking was Mitt Romney's take.

Romney claimed that he'd never been so shocked in his political life when Democrats voted down the COVID-19 stimulus bill.

He even called the Democrats "irresponsible and reckless."

See Romney's scorching tweet below:

Had the bill passed, $200 billion would have gone directly to the states, with $75 billion going to the hospitals.

Romney attempted to give Democrats the benefit of the doubt by suggesting they didn't understand economic fundamentals.

Many Democrats have attempted to paint the stimulus bill as a goodie bag for major corporations.

But the bill would have given money straight into the pockets of many Americans and would have given the economy the support necessary to avoid a complete crash.

The Daily Wire has more on Romney's comments:

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), who is under quarantine for possible exposure to coronavirus, expressed deep anger at Senate Democrats who voted down a coronavirus relief package after working on the bipartisan bill all weekend.

“Nothing in the Senate has shocked me, until today,” Romney wrote on Twitter. “Standing in the way of a critically needed rescue package is irresponsible and reckless. Dems say not enough money to states: nearly $200 billion isn’t chump change. Hospitals get at least $75 billion.”

The Utah senator then went on to suggest that Democrats’ primary objections to the Senate package stemmed from a complete lack of economic understanding.

“As for funds for companies,” Romney said, referencing a so-called “slush fund” within the bill designed to provide further relief to coroporations and entities suffering six months after any coronavirus lockdown is lifeted, “it’s to keep entities that employ millions of Americans from folding—it’s to save jobs. Keep this up a little longer and we will go from social distancing to social destruction.”

Romney has only been in the Senate a short time — prior to being elected to now-retired Sen. Orrin Hatch’s seat in Utah, he served as a governor in Massachusetts and a presidential candidate — but he’s been open about his desire to work with Democrats where necessary, even to the detriment of the Trump Administration, to which Romney has expressed no loyalty. Just weeks ago, of course, Romney was easily the Democrats’ favorite member of the Republican caucus, voting to convict President Donald Trump on at least one impeachment charge.

Pelosi, of course, created her own bill filled with pork.

Her version of economic relief included $300 million for foreign refugees.

That's right: Pelosi would have used $300 million of American taxpayer money to help foreign refugees over actual Americans in a time of crisis.

Her bill was filled with other partisan demands that any economically-sound representative would have to vote down.


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