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Junior Canadian Air Cadets Segregated by Vaccination Status, Unvaxxed Cadets Marked With Pens During Training Exercise



“The Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers has apologized after unvaccinated cadets were marked with pens and segregated at the London International Airport on May 7 before being denied the opportunity to participate in a training exercise on two different C-130 Hercules planes,” True North reports.

It’s another disgusting example of segregation by vaccination status in Communist Canada.

An anonymous mother said her 15-year-old son was devastated by the incident and provided True North with photos of her son’s hand marked with a crossed out zero.

From True North:

“His superiors, his captains all were not aware. Everybody thought that they were able to attend, including prior to leaving Saturday morning,” she said. “They got on a bus early Saturday morning. From where I live, it’s well over two hours to get to London, so they all traveled together.”

“What he said was that when they came – I don’t know at what point – but the bus stopped, and this army person came on the bus, and he asked whoever was vaccinated had to put their hands up. And then he asked who was not vaccinated in front of everybody to put up their hands.”

“At some point, he got a zero marked on his hand,” she said. “So did every child that wasn’t vaccinated.”

“Once they offloaded, they weren’t allowed to go on the tarmac where you line up to go on the flight. They then moved over to the concrete area. Being in the concrete area there behind the fence, they actually had the best view of everybody all happy taking pictures and taking videos.”

Commander of Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers, Brigadier-General Jamie Speiser-Blanchet confirmed with True North that the cadets were marked on the hand and apologized for the way the situation was handled.

“Unfortunately, this information was not effectively communicated to cadets and parents at some squadrons. This resulted in approximately 30 cadets arriving at the aerodrome and being unable to enter the flight area and fly on the aircraft with their peers,” said Speiser-Blanchet. “To identify those cadets who could fly, Cadets and Junior Canadian Ranger staff asked for a public show of hands and marked each cadet’s hand in accordance with their status – black for able to fly and blue for able to attend the expo only.”

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