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Kamala Harris Wants Investigation Into….The Biden Administration!



Hey friends,

NOAH here and it’s Wednesday already, the week is flying by.

And this is no ordinary week…the Arizona Audit results are finally scheduled to come out on Friday and I’m hearing it’s going to be everything we have hoped/expected.

Get ready for fireworks!

The D.S. is in pure panic and meltdown mode, so also keep your head on a swivel and be on high alert against False Flags…this is prime time for them to need a BIG distraction.

Now let’s jump in to the rest of the news.

First up, unfortunately I told you this was coming and many said I was crazy:

More Evidence Covid Quarantine Camps Are Coming To The U.S.

Not crazy anymore I guess.

Love this next one, FlashPoint LIVE from Iowa:

FlashPoint LIVE from Iowa: Hank Kunneman, Mario Murillo, Lance Wallnau

Good job Iowa!

The next time your liberal friend says to “follow the science” and “trust the data”, show them this:

More Vaccines, More Covid Cases? What On Earth Is Going On?

And I have often said the Sheriffs are one our best and last-lines of defense in protecting the Constitution:

Defiant Ohio Sheriff Says ‘No’ to Enforcing Vaccine Mandates

Next up, I continue to warn that they are doing everything they can to destroy the supply chain and disrupt the food production.

Here’s the latest:

Record Backlog of Cargo Ships at California Ports, Shipping traffic is up 50%

For those who of us who love gold and silver and would like to learn how to hold it in your IRA or 401k, read this:

Gold In A Tax-Sheltered Account? What Big Banks Don’t Want You To Know

MSM fact-checked again and again found to be lying through their horse-faced teeth:

Fact Check: No Haitians Are Being Whipped at the Border; This is a Media LIE!

Then we have this from The Resident:

Did Joe Biden Just Concede The U.S. To The United Nations?

More bad news for Andrew:

Prince Andrew Is Served With New Lawsuit While In United States

The Navy Seals proving why they are the bravest of the brave:

Navy Seals Now REFUSING To Take The Vaccine!

And then we have the cackling hyena, with pure gold this time….

Harris wants to investigate (wait for it…..) the Biden Administration!

Wait, it gets even better….

She wants to investigate over mishandling of the Border.

Wait till she finds out who was in charge!  😆😆😆

Kamala Harris Calls for Investigation Into Biden Admin Handling of Illegal Migrants

Ok, that’s a wrap for tonight.

Shoot me a reply if you get this, I need to know how many people are receiving these.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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