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Manchin Switching Sides?



Joe Manchin won’t budge, and we love it.

The Democrat from West Virginia is currently a huge thorn in the side of his own party—basically he is a maverick, just like the late John McCain claimed to be during the healthcare reform vote.

Our nation is suffering from crippling national debt which ultimately devalues our dollar, and taxes the working class through the hidden tax of inflation.

Still, Democrats can’t seem to understand this, or worse—they simply don’t care, and are currently trying to push through record spending that is reckless at best.

Many people have been speculating that Manchin may in fact defect from his party and join The GOP, but is it true?

According to Manchin, the rumors are complete “bulls*it”. However, he did mention that he would be willing to go independent….

That being said, everyone always denies what is going on until it actually occurs—it’s human nature, so who knows—Manchin may yet have a change of heart, and a change of party affiliation in the near future.

For now, here’s what he had to say:

Daily Wire had more on the rumor:

“He has informed associates that because he is so out of sync with the Democratic Party he believes it is likely he will leave the party by November 2022,” Mother Jones declared, adding, “In a recent meeting with Biden, Manchin told the president that he sees government as a partner with the public not the ultimate provider, according to people who heard the senator’s account of the conversation.

He explained to the president that in his view Biden didn’t win the presidency last year by championing progressive proposals, and he pressed the president to recall his campaign promise to bring people together.”

Rand Paul is one of the figures encouraging Manchin to join The GOP, according to Washington Examiner:

“We have an extra chair for him at lunch. It’s sitting there waiting for him,” Paul , a Kentucky Republican, told Fox News’s Martha MacCallum on Wednesday. “We are ready to see him. We’re a big party, and I think he’d have a place.”


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