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Mark Levin Calls Out “Poisonous” Nancy Pelosi as Twitter Erupts




As President Trump and Republicans move quickly to pass a COVID-19 economic stimulus bill, Democrats are using the crisis to push their partisan priorities.

Famed conservative Mark Levin isn't having any of it.

In a firestorm on Twitter that quickly went viral, Levin called out "poisonous" Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat party for derailing an aid bill for only political reasons.

Notably, Levin also referred to the novel coronavirus as the "Wuhan Virus," which was the standard name in the media just a few weeks ago.

See more details including Levin's tweetstorm below:

Levin cited specific examples of Pelosi's attempts to push controversial mandates into emergency funding.

For example, there was a recent report showing that Pelosi attempted to insert taxpayer-funded abortions into the stimulus package.

Democrats also attempted to get tax breaks for solar panels into the bill that failed to pass the Senate.

The Western Journal has more on Levin's expose on Pelosi:

Levin’s post came after the California Democrat returned to Washington after a weeklong House recess to announce that the House would be working up its own aid bill.

Senate Democrats, meanwhile, blocked a massive aid package from passage Sunday night.

And given Democrats’ recent history — like the report that Pelosi had tried to insert abortion funding into the first coronavirus stimulus bill — it’s a given that any deal cooked up by the Democrat-dominated House will push the kind of leftist agenda points that could not pass in normal legislation.

Even the Democratic-leaning Politico hinted as much in a report Sunday — though it used the most benevolent terms.

“It’s unclear what exactly will be in the final House Democratic package. The caucus held several hours of conference calls this week for members to promote their ideas, including a significant expansion of unemployment insurance, direct cash payments to Americans under a certain income threshold, funding for hospitals and medical supplies, and grants to keep small businesses from folding. Hundreds of proposals were submitted from all corners of the caucus,” Politico reported.

“Many of those same provisions are also being negotiated in the Senate bill but some House Democrats wanted to go even further, using the urgency of the herculean package to achieve broader, long term policy goals like a massive infrastructure deal.”

The report acknowledged that many of the points Democrats claim to care about — expanding unemployment insurance and providing direct aid to individuals as well as hospitals and small businesses — were included in the Senate bill, but House Democrats “wanted to go even further” and achieve “long-term policy goals like a massive infrastructure deal.”

It’s a rock-solid bet that an infrastructure deal is not what Democrats are cooking up. In fact, according to The Hill, one Democratic aide explicitly said the holdup was about protecting the nation’s largest abortion mill, Planned Parenthood.

Levin's tweet was just the beginning.

His massive audience began calling out Nancy Pelosi and it wasn't long before Twitter erupted.

The hashtags #PelosiChokesWhilePeopleGoBroke and #PelosiHatesAmericans began gaining steam on Twitter.

See some of the top tweets below:

While many in the media claim that Trump didn't act quickly enough, Pelosi appears to be dragging her feet on the stimulus aid package.

People are taking notice.

Commentators like Mark Levin are also ensuring that politicians are being held accountable, especially in the media doesn't put them under the microscope.

Biz Pac Review has more on the viral hashtags on Twitter:

Americans who have had their livelihoods taken away from them without notice as a result of the Chinese virus COVID-19 are hurting and desperately looking to the U.S. government to deliver much needed relief.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin joined with President Trump last week at a press briefing and assured Americans that checks will be coming in a matter of days, and the Senate worked through the weekend on a spending measure. With a bipartisan deal within reach, House Speaker Nanacy Pelosi threw a hand grenade into the mix.

So egregious was her actions that the hashtag #PelosiChokesWhilePeopleGoBroke was soon trending online.

A massive $1.6 trillion emergency funding bill providing critically needed assistance to American families and the economy was blown up Sunday when the California Democrat said she would not support the measure and would offer her own spending bill in due time.

Are Democrats' attempts to politicize the COVID-19 pandemic going to backfire?

November is a long time away, so it's too soon to tell... but it's clear that people are fed up with partisan politics as usual.

Below are more tweets from Americans disappointed with Pelosi's inaction...

Meanwhile, Trump continues to lead the nation with his actions.


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