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Mark of the Beast Rolled Out in Lithuania?



Many people have suggested the experimental COVID-19 jabs are the mark of the beast from the Book of Revelation.

At least in America, I’m not ready to make that bold statement.

The Bible states that nobody can buy or sell without the mark.

While medical tyranny has impacted several deep-blue cities, not all commerce is reserved for vaccinated individuals.

I would expect the banishment of unvaccinated from grocery stores and public transport in addition to the current medical segregation.

However, I will say what we’re witnessing in America is conditioning to accept the mark of the beast.

Way too many Americans are sleepwalking through COVID tyranny and will likely fold when things gets worse.

While there’s still time to wake up people, has that deadline passed in other countries?

Take Lithuania for example.

The small European nation of around 2.8 million people has already implemented a two-tier society.

And their situation dwarfs what we have in America.

After reading this Twitter thread, you may think COVID-19 passes are the mark of the beast.

Because it’s appalling how bad things have gotten in Lithuania.

Check it out:

Lithuania became the first European country to enforce these severe COVID-19 restrictions in all society.

Here’s a video of Lithuania’s two-tiered society in action:

The Liberty Daily added commentary:

It’s brutal, and anyone who thinks this could only happen in places like Lithuania isn’t paying attention. It can and in many ways already is happening in the United States, and it’s getting worse every day.

On four of the last five interviews I’ve done, the hosts asked me if I thought the various Covid passes and the eventual universal pass are the mark of the beast from Revelation. I don’t know, nor do I believe anyone outside of God’s Holy Host or Satan’s Principalities and Powers can know for sure. What we do know from our own eyes and common sense is that this all seems too similar to dismiss as coincidence.

My personal belief is that this is all a precursor, a conditioning for the near-future roll-out of a pass (mark) that will be worldwide and universal. I have expanded thoughts on the logistics and lies that will be put into place to make it happen that I won’t go into here. I also believe that it will be willful engagement that differentiates the final iteration. In other words, the people will be fully aware that what they’re doing goes against the teachings of the Bible and they will choose promises of comfort and security in this life over the warnings of what that entails.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Did Lithuania roll out the mark of the beast?

Or, is this a precursor to what will be the mark?

How long until the United States resembles this?


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