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Noah’s MORNING Newsletter – 2/13/23



Good morning!

Noah here and it looks like many of you did not get my Newsletter last night.

So let’s do a special morning blast!

Starting of course with the Superb Owl (Super Bowl).

We got pretty much what we expected, and by that I mean a truly regrettable Halftime ritual errrrrrr “Show”.

I’ll have more on this later, but for now here’s a start:

And here’s a recap of prior years rituals:

Illuminati “Superb-Owl” Halftime Rituals Exposed (2022 Flashback)

Sticking with the game, we go to perhaps the biggest talk of the night…

Damar Hamlin.

And his jacket.

What in the hell is this?  (and yes, words chosen carefully):

Is Damar Hamlin’s Jacket Mocking Jesus Christ?

Sticking with the NFL for one more, did you see this?

Is the NFL Literally “Rigged”? Players Given a Script?

Now let’s talk Project Bluebeam:

EXPOSING Project Bluebeam!

Tell your friends!

And since they telegraphed the UFOs all over the Halftime show last night, let’s talk about them:

“UFO” Is Trending and Dominating The News Right Now…Here’s What Comes Next!

More here:

Fourth Object Shot Down by Military! Is This an Invasion?

Some Biblical things are coming, are you prepared?

Read this:

With So Many Strange Things Happening, Is It Time To Stock Up On ‘Emergency Food’?

And amidst everything else, this is getting almost no coverage.

But it should be front page news:

The Biggest Story The MSM Is Refusing To Cover!

Now let’s end with something heartwarming, shall we?


Chris Stapleton’s National Anthem Was So Powerful It Made Players Cry on the Field at the Super Bowl

I’ll see you back here tonight for MUCH more!

Your friend,



Your friend,



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