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Noah’s Newsletter – 10/1/21



Hey friends,

Noah here with the first Newsletter of October.

The prophets have all said it’s going to be a very RED October….and what did we have this morning?

Oh just the White House lit up in RED.

For real, take a look:

The White House was Red this morning

Just a coincidence, I’m sure….

And yes, I know some of you have tried to say it’s for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but does that look PINK to you?

Me either.

Ok, moving on to Mike Lindell.

A few days ago I told you he was going to file a new lawsuit and have it in front of the Supreme Court by Thanksgiving.

Today he made good on his word on the first part of that promise (second part soon to come).

Take a look:

CLASS ACTION: Mike Lindell Comes Through, Files The Lawsuit Just Like He Promised!

Speaking of Mike, I know I talk a lot about his pillows and towels and for good reason — they are awesome!

But he has a huge sale right now on his mattress topper and that thing is golden.

If you have an old mattress and can’t afford an entire new one, you need this:

“A Complete Miracle” — Real People RAVE About Mike Lindell’s New Mattress Topper

And remember each purchase helps Mike (and his employees) stay in business after the top 20 largest retailers canceled him.

Thank you for your support!

Next up is something really sickening out of California:

Governor Newsom Issues COVID-19 Injection Mandate for California K-12 School Children

If I had kids there we’d either be leaving the public schools or leaving the state or both!

Your thoughts?

And Q has told us told us there would come a point in time when the “powers that should not be” would not even be able to walk down the street.

Are we seeing that start to happen?

Eric Swalwell Confronted While Walking Into Congress

And then we have this gem….

I report, you decide: was she drunk?

Was Nancy Pelosi Drunk During This Interview? You Decide!

And we end with our top story and a call for you to join our new mission.

Time to let the world know we’re not giving up, not going away and not forgetting about 2020.

The time to act is now.

Will you join in?

It’s easy:

NEW MISSION: Get a “Trump Won” Flag On Every Street In America!

Thank you so much for everyone who has already jumped in earlier today.

I can’t wait to see one of these babies flying on every street in America!

Ok folks, that’s a wrap for tonight.

Thank you so much for being here, it is truly my honor to bring you this Newsletter each evening.

Your friend,


p.s. Finally back in stock….

Grab one while they last and join the mission👇


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