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Noah’s Newsletter – 10/4/21



Hi friends,

Noah here….Happy Monday!

First of all, I have to say I am so embarrassed that Sunday night’s Newsletter didn’t go out as scheduled.

I guess we had a glitch and it never got delivered.

But there were so many good stories in there I don’t want you to miss them… can read it here:

Noah’s Newsletter – 10/3/21

Ok, now on with the NEW news from today!

Let’s move fast because I have a lot.

First up, I continue to sound the alarm about Ivermectin.

Have you heard how it’s not approved for humans?

Have you heard how dangerous it it?

Both are 100% false.

I have the full report here:

INVESTIGATION: The MSM Is Lying To You…Ivermectin Is SAFE and Approved For Human Use Since 1996!

Then we have this….

Can you imagine getting double jabbed only to find out you are no longer considered “vaxxed”?

Sorry to say, but I warned of this.

The vaxxed will have to get boosters for the rest of their life.

And pretty soon it will become required because if they don’t their immune system will shut down so they’ll be forced to take it just to stay alive.


Israel Update: Double-Jabbed Now Declared Unvaccinated

This next one is really amazing….

Did you ever wonder who the baby was in Roe v. Wade?

Turns out she was actually BORN and she just revealed her identity:

GOING PUBLIC: Meet The “Baby” From Roe v. Wade; First Public Interview Denouncing Abortion!

This next one is absolutely criminal.

Anyone who does this should be removed from society:

Brainwashing? Preschool Teacher Sings Creepy Mask Song to Toddlers

Next up, DeSantis is out and I think that’s a good thing.

Trump has this and DeSantis has FL:

DeSantis No Longer Running

Do you agree?

This next one is really horrible and something you’d think was straight out of communist China:

PA Democrat Introduces Child Limit Policy and Forced Sterilization

They aren’t wasting any time trying to turn the USA communist, are they?

And all I can say about this next one is “fuck this guy”:

“There Comes a Time When You do Have to Give up What You Consider Your Individual Right of Making Your own Decision”

Sorry, but I mean it.

This guy needs to go.

Arrested for crimes against humanity!


Speaking of crimes against humanity, Pfizer was busted today by the EXCELLENT work they’re doing over at Project Veritas:

BREAKING: Pfizer Scientist Says ‘Your Antibodies are Probably Better than the Vaccination’

And we end with our top story….

I know many of you aren’t on Facebook anymore, but it was down for most of the day.

I have some inside sources telling me the White Hats took them down and took all the data that proves Facebook has been a criminal enterprise engaged in the worst types of crimes against humanity!

I don’t know yet if that’s true, but I think we’re about to find out!

Facebook Goes DARK As Zuckerberg Loses $7 BILLION

Ok, that’s a wrap for tonight.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,


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