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Noah’s Newsletter – 10/6/21



Hey friends,

Noah here and I’ll tell you what….I had an AWESOME day!

I love our mission to bring you the REAL news that the MSM won’t report on, and it’s such an honor to bring you this report each evening.

Tonight’s is really good.

Let’s start with this one….

“Trust the science” they say.

Ok, how about we start with this:

Why Won’t Fauci And Biden Listen To All These Medical Experts?

So awesome to see these two finally together:

Timothy Dixon & Robin Bullock, Fulfillment of the “Courts of Heaven” Prophecy!

And I told you this was coming.

Can you believe this?

Canadian Town Requires Proof of COVID-19 Jab For Marriage Licenses & Ceremonies

Next up, I have been so totally DISGUSTED by Fox News and their refusal to cover the Maricopa Audit!

Absolute malpractice!

I remember tuning in to Hannity on the Friday the Audit results were released and no covered at all.

Tells you all you need to know I guess.

So sad.

But finally it took Jesse Waters to say enough is enough and to cover the story:

Jesse Waters Breaks Ranks And Mentions Maricopa Audit, 57K Ballots on Fox News

Folks, don’t forget this is not an Audit of all of Arizona….

You know that right?

It’s only an audit of Maricopa County.

ONE county!

And even in just ONE county it’s enough to send the entire state back to Trump!


But I guess that’s why you have us, because we will always cover the real news and we don’t hide anything from you!

This next one is absolutely disgusting:

WATCH: Pfizer Whistleblower Confirms Aborted Fetal Cell Lines in mRNA Covid ‘Vaccines’

And I have been telling you not only is the vaxx not effective but it actually damages your immune system:

WATCH: Doctor Presents Blood Tests Before & After COVID-19 Jabs That Show Immune System Damage

And we end with our top story.

Great news:

The 50 State Audit Is Gaining Steam!

That’s a wrap for tonight.

Let me know if you got this ok.

Your friend,


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