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Noah’s Newsletter – 9/29/21



Hey friends,

Noah here with your Wednesday evening Newsletter and we have a LOT to talk about….

If you thought the vaxx was bad already, I have a lot to show you tonight.

First up, here’s the next shoe to drop:

$3.5 Trillion ‘Build Back Better Bill’ Includes Section to Fine Companies $700,000 That Don’t Enforce COVID-19 Jab Mandates

A virus so dangerous and a vaccine so good for you that they have to bribe, pressure, force and threaten you to take it!

Anyone waking up yet?

This next one makes me furious, absolutely shaking as I type this:

DISTURBING IMAGE: 5-Year Old Girl Forced to Take COVID-19 Test to Return to School Comes Home Bleeding From Nose & Eyes

This is just as bad:

19-Year Old Ukrainian Student Receives Experimental Pfizer COVID-19 Jab Against Family Wishes, Passes Away Seven Hours Later

Poor girl, what a horrific tragedy.

And have you noticed they are doing everything they can to go after the kids now?

I’m sure this was totally 100% just an “accident”:

Maryland Walgreens Accidentally Gives 4-Year Old COVID-19 Injection Instead of Flu Shot

Anyone want to get your hands on some Ivermectin and some alternative treatments?

I have all the details here:

How To LEGALLY Get Ivermectin and Other C19 Treatments!

Let’s talk Mike Lindell for a second…..

He’s just put his entire sleep system on sale and I actually have one and have never had a better mattress in my life.

Please support Mike if you’re able:

Mike Lindell’s Complete Sleep System! Now On Limited Time Sale!


***Always buy direct from and use Promo Code WLT to get the maximum hidden discount!***

Moving now from your health to your wealth … they’re after that too.

You ok with this?

Biden Regime Now Wants To SPY On Your Bank Account!

My letter to President Trump from late last night is going viral, see why here (and please share):

MUST SEE: Robin Bullock’s URGENT Personal Message To President Trump!

And we end back with the vaxx.

The most common question I get by email is “I took the vaxx and now really regret it…is there anything I can do?”

So I put together this guide full of info:

How To Recover Your Immune System If You Took The Vaxx and Now Regret It

Please share that with your friends and family.

Nothing more important right now than making sure you restore your immune system.

You need it.

That’s a wrap for tonight, see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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