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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/1/22



Hi friends!

Noah here and Happy January 1!

Hope your year is off to a great start.

We are loaded up tonight, starting with Bill de Blasio…

Remember this?

Bill de Blasio’s Daughter: “Joe Biden Stole The Election!”

We do!

And how about this?

WHERE’S THE MONEY BILL? NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s Wife “Can’t Account For” $850 MILLION of Taxpayer Money

We do!

Good thing you have WeLoveTrump, the “mainstream media” refuses to cover these stories.

But we don’t forget.

And last on the Bill de Blasio front is this drunken footage from last night:

Andy Cohen Goes On Drunk NYE Rant Torching Bill deBlasio

Wow, makes you miss Dick Clark all the more, doesn’t it?

Stay classy Andy.

And your buddy, the Vanderbilt.


And after bringing you the hilarious video last night, so many of you wrote me back and said I needed to see this one, so here you go:

Trump Visits Taco Bell…

This guy is SO good!

And you gotta love this:

Mayor Gaetano Manfredi of Naples, Italy Banned Fireworks for New Year’s Eve; Watch the Defiant Response From Neapolitans

Let freedom ring!

All over the world, even in Italy!

This is very disturbing:

WARNING GRAPHIC FOOTAGE: Man Sets Himself on Fire in Melbourne Over Vaccine Mandates in Terrifying Scene

The people that are running this Planned-Demic have blood on their hands.

A LOT of blood.

This is just the latest.

But good news is coming!

Please enjoy this incredible prophetic message from Pastor Hank:

Pastor Hank Kunneman: “We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before!”

I’m ready!

This is great too:

Alaska’s Governor Accepted Trump’s Deal

And I don’t know about you, but I would NOT want to be these people on Judgment Day:

Satanic Temple Installs “Baby Baphomet” In Capitol Building

Good luck folks!

I hope you like the heat!

And we end with our top story:

Dr. Robert Malone Sounds The Alarm On Joe Rogan, Praises Dr. Zelenko

Joe Rogan has done more true journalism that all of CNN in its existance.

Really incredible.

If you want the Z-Stack it’s finally back in stock and the website glitch is fixed:

More details here:

That’s a wrap for tonight.

Your friend,



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