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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/12/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here and I know I said yesterday that I hoped our censorship problems were solved…

They were not.

Hundreds of you emailed me telling me you couldn’t pull up the Newsletter.

And that was 3 days in a row.

So I am REALLY hoping it works tonight.

Please let me know!

And now for the news from today…

We have another big name dying suddenly:

Singer and Daughter of Elvis, Lisa Marie Presley Dead at 54

Cardiac event.

Of course.

So sad.

But this is even worse:

17-Year-Old Las Vegas Student Dies After Suffering Cardiac Arrest, Found ‘Unresponsive’ in School Bathroom

And this:

20-Year-Old College Tennis Player Passes Away in His Sleep

Futures stolen.

And in light of all of that, this should make you furious:

Pfizer Gives $1 Million To GOP Headquarters In Kentucky

The gall of these people!

And if that isn’t the most absurd and ridiculous story of the day, then this is:

Republican Introduces Legislation to Place Permanent Bust of Volodymyr Zelensky in U.S. Capitol

Treason on full display.

Makes me so mad!

And this guy keeps proving how uneducated he truly is:

CHARLATAN EXPOSED: Neil deGrasse Tyson Can’t Handle PBD’s Questions!

Can’t even answer questions from a podcaster!

No offense to PBD, who is CLEARLY many factors smarter than this boob!

This may be one of the worst stories we’ve ever covered:

House Democrats Argue Taking Babies Who Survive Abortion to Hospital “Endangers” Them

Demons are among us!

I can’t imagine anything more evil…

And this lady just hit 6-figures:

Stacey Abrams Just Got Hit With 6-Figures!

Sorry, correction: the scale didn’t hit 6-figures, she got HIT with a 6-figure fine!

Honest mistake.

But she is morbidly fat.

She can put her hands in her pockets naked!

Think COVID is the first time they started lying to you about “science”?

Think again:

The Cure For Cancer Known For 42 Years?

And it seems like we have to end here…

Perfect top story tonight:

It’s Not A Conspiracy If It’s True…

The history books will report the ABSURDITY of all of this happening and no one in the MSM admitting it was happening.

Future generations of students in school will say: “how did all of that happen with no one speaking out?”

And I just hope people remember: there were MANY of us who spoke out!

We are one, and there are a lot of others.

Let history remember we shouted out the truth!

Your friend,



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Before we can get an article published, we can get a news alert out via Twitter.

I know it’s been a cesspool for the far-left, but I’m banking on Elon getting the deal closed and quickly turning it around.

And we want to be there when he does.

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