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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/15/22



Hi friends!

Noah here and boy oh boy are we loaded up on this Saturday evening!

We start tonight with an absolutely epic and historic inaugural ceremony and first day in office for Gov. Glenn Younkin!

Gov. Glenn Younkin Sworn In, Takes Historic Action In First Minutes!

My favorite moment?

Where the man prayed the Lord’s Prayer during the ceremony and then stopped at the end to end it with:

“In the Mighty Name of Jesus…AMEN!”

Wow, powerful!

And then we move to President Trump’s Rally tonight.

All the details and links to watch here:

Trump Announces Where You Can Watch His Rally Live Tonight

Sorry about the link in this article last night, it looks like YouTube took it down.

No problem, I added a Rumble link for you here:


Too important to miss!

And then we have DirecTV cancelling OANN from their platform.

I guess OANN was telling too much truth?

DirecTV Cancels OANN – We Have The Solution!

Great news though, if you click that link above I have a solution where you can get OANN, Newsmax, Fox News, BlazeTV, InfoWars and a bunch more (plus all traditional TV channels) for only $18.95/month plus a FREE 3-day trial to make sure you like it!

Tap here to get the free trial!

Who needs DirecTV anyway?

Cancel them or cancel your cable TV provider and get this instead!  Save $75/month and stop sending money to people who hate conservatives!

Not only do I love the price but I love how they have a Christian Mission behind all they do…

You get all of these channels for the $18.95/month:

Plus a lot more.

Ok, moving on….

Last night I brought you this story:

BREAKING: Mike Lindell Cancelled By His Bank, All 9 Accounts GONE!

And tonight I bring you a brilliant idea from a reader to support Mike:

JOIN IN: Brilliant Idea From a Reader To Support Mike Lindell…

Love that idea!

I hope you will join in with us!

And an update from Dr. Zelenko on his Z-Stack…

I know many of you have had trouble being able to get a bottle in stock.

Good news is that the CURRENT STATUS is: “IN STOCK”!

Dr. Zelenko: How To “Block The Common Pathway” Of All The Variants!

And this is guaranteed to make your night….

How good is this guy?  Wow!

HILARIOUS: “President Trump” Gives a Shout-Out To!

Another huge story today which is not yet resolved:

BREAKING: Hostage Situation In Texas Synagogue, Terrorist Ties Reported [LIVE FOOTAGE]

Please send prayers!

And then we have this:

The Latest Concerning Side Effect To The Covid-19 Vaccine

Does it ever end?

And we wrap tonight with our top story: no longer conspiracy theory, now out in the open:

Wealthy People Sucking The Blood Of The Young? It’s Not Just A Conspiracy Theory

Wow, how evil can you get?

Friendly reminder before I go….

Can I get your vote on this please?

Thank you!

I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



Thanks for STANDING WITH MIKE!  Your support means a lot.

Check availability here… 👇 


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