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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/15/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your special Iowa CAUCUS Edition of the Monday night Newsletter…

Oh what a historic day we have on our hands!

President Trump just won Iowa by the largest margin in recorded history!

It was so big they called the race earlier than any race has been called before.

All without Trump even participating in one debate.

This thing is a joke, stop the madness, stop the “primaries”…..we have our candidate, thank you very much!

Details here:

BREAKING: Trump Wins Iowa Caucus in a LANDSLIDE

It seems very appropriate that I posted this earlier today:


Whoop it up we sure did!

And Ron is already crying fowl:

SORE LOSER? Team DeSantis Accuses Media of Election Interference

Of course he is, Beta Boys gonna Beta.....

As I type this, the full results are not in yet.

2nd place may still be up for grabs.

Here's what things look like as of this very minute (Note: only 38% of votes are in):

Here was my prediction from earlier today:

My Prediction For Tonight’s Iowa Caucus Results [NOAH]

It looks like I got #1 and #3 right, and if the results hold then I had #2 and #4 flip-flopped.

We will see how it turns out and I'll bring you an update tomorrow.

But perhaps the even bigger story tonight, if you can believe there is a bigger story, is this:

Iowa SHOCKS CNN: 68% of Voters Believe Joe Biden STOLE 2020 Election

Let that sink in....

68% of Iowa Voters think Joe Biden stole the 2020 election!!!

That is mind blowing!

Can you say RED PILL awakening?

Speaking of Iowa, I found this very interesting:

President Trump Explains How Things Went So Badly So Fast With Gov. Kim Reynolds

And buried in the news is Dr. Fauci now admitting the jab causes myocarditis:

Dr. Fauci Now Admits mRNA Vaccines Cause Myocarditis In Young Men!


Now let's go to DeSanctus for a minute....

Ron has seemed extra thin-skinned recently, throwing peaceful people out of his rallies.

Like this:

Thin-Skinned Ron DeSantis Throws Man In Wheelchair Out Of His Event — For Wearing a Dilley Hat!

And this:

Trump Team Responds With CLASS and GRACE After DeSantis Kicks Out ANOTHER Person!

And we end with our top story tonight:

BREAKING: High-Powered Trump Lawyer WITHDRAWS From Case

Wow, what a day!

Your friend,



This seems to be the perfect hat for tonight's historic victory!

Trump Save America indeed!

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Yes, really!

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