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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/16/23 PM



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Monday night Newsletter…

Let’s jump right in.

Starting with this beauty:

President Trump: “I’m fighting the Deep State…and Winning!”

Oh, it’s so good to hear his voice!

Does he sound scared or worried?


Got it all under control and yes he IS winning!

Next up is something I’ve been struggling with over the past few days….

Nothing quite added up.

Dan explains exactly what I’ve been thinking perfectly:

Dan Bongino: Something Bigger Is Going On Here With Biden Docs…

This next one is really tough to watch.

It’s going to haunt me for quite a while.

But it must be shown.

Watch it if you can handle it:

HAUNTING: Crimes Against Humanity — 12 Year Old Girl Jabbed Against Her Will

Major story out today…

We Fact Check it:

George Soros and Klaus Schwab Both Missing?

ANOTHER one from our POTUS next:

HUGE: Trump Declares He Has INFO On Everyone

Wow, he really sounds like he’s firing up, doesn’t he?

Ready to strike?

Letting everyone know he has it all?

Sounds like it to me.

This must be seen:

40+ Athletes & Public Figures Have Suddenly Collapsed on Live TV Since COVID-19 Jab Rollout; Excess Death Mega Thread

And if you need a little extra boost, can I recommend this?

Thank me later:

Hit The Day Running With Mike Lindell’s Secret Weapon!

Remember this?

I do:

Is This What REALLY Happened To Joan Rivers?

And we end with our top story…

We bring you the news no one else will:

Have You Heard Of Paul Ehrlich?

Ok, that’s a wrap!

Your friend,



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