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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/19/22



Hi friends!

Noah here with a powerful Wednesday night Newsletter!

We start with something that is very troubling on so many levels…

Personally, I am very bothered this happened at Hank Kunneman’s event and “Pastor” Hank has not disavowed this.  In fact, he has only made excuses for it.

VERY troubling Hank…

Am I a better Pastor than Hank Kunneman?

Hank, time to speak up bud!

As I said, very troubling but we don’t have ANYONE here that is above reproach….not Michael Flynn and not Hank Kunneman.

The new video just discovered today removes all doubt, so if you’re mad I would dare even question the “great” Michael Flynn, read this article and watch the video at the end before you send me hate mail:

NEW VIDEO FOUND: Michael Flynn’s Prayer TO Archangels About Demonic “Seven Rays”

Really bad stuff.

Channeling of spirits is NOT Biblical, and there is no argument on that.

Ok, moving on to my brand new interview with Bo Polny that is red hot and being enjoyed by so many people.

Here you go:

Bo Polny Returns! It All Happens In a Moment…The Fuse Is Lit! Trump Returns!

Trust me, you do NOT want to miss that!

One of my favorite ones we have done.

Then we have this terrible news to report:

6-Year-Old Boy in Portugal Dies From Cardiac Arrest Days After Receiving First Dose of Pfizer COVID-19 Jab

I am so sick of having to bring you these stories every single day!

On a related note, friendly reminder that you might want to check out the Z-Stack for your entire family…

Current status for Z-Stack is: “IN STOCK”

Dr. Zelenko Exposes The Plan To Tag Us For The NWO Slave System [Mercola]

Dr. Zelenko is doing great things….very brave and smart man!

And I’m also tired of bringing you crap like this:

Teacher Caught Taping Mask to Young Child’s Face; Angered Parents Plan Demonstration at School Board Meeting This Week

How is this not child abuse?

Ok, now for something fun….enjoy this one:

REPLAY: “Big Don” – The Best Trump Battle Song!

And if you have never seen this before, I think you are REALLY going to enjoy this:

The Untold Story of Donald Trump’s Revival Bible

Fantastic news next, as even the far-far-left Starbucks is reversing course:

Starbuck Reverses Course, Will Not Require Employees to be Vaccinated

And man this guy is a real piece of work, huh?

WATCH: Don Lemon Loses it, Calls People Who Do Their Own Research “Idiots”

He literally says it, watch the clip!


And we end with our top story, Biden now admitting he may rig the Midterms too:

Biden Admits Midterm Elections Could Be Altered

How much more do we have to see before the Patriots arrest this TRAITOR to our Nation?

Serious question.

Ok, that’s a wrap for tonight.

I have to run, see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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