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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/21/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here and we were HARD at work today…

Yes, even on a Saturday!

I’m excited to show you, starting with our lead story:

JUMPING SHIP: Top Biden Advisor Bails…

The rats are definitely abandoning ship!

This was really interesting:

Ivana Trump’s Last Will Revealed…

Is it what you expected?

Next up you just gotta love this….

Kid Rock talking to Bill Maher about….MyPillow’s Giza Cotton Sheets!

Kid Rock LOVES MyPillow Sheets!

So awesome.

And he ain’t wrong!

Hey….if YOU want a set of the Giza Cotton Sheets but money is tight right now, I get it!

That’s why I decided I would just open up a brand new giveaway today and let someone WIN one!

100% free, I even cover the shipping!

Enter here:

NEW GIVEAWAY: Entry Is Free, $159 Value [From NOAH]

Winner drawn in one week!

4 ways to enter and you can enter every day.

This next one is really interesting:

How Did We All Miss This From Elon’s Bedside Table?

And I can’t even believe I had to cover this again today, but the scammers do not give up!

I will not let anyone in my group be taken advantage of!

Please read this warning, and also a huge update on what I’ve done to fight back and how an investigation has now been started thanks to our efforts:

UPDATE: Please Don’t Get Scammed With “Trump” TRB Checks! [From Noah]

I hate crooks!

Speaking of crooks, errrrrr “Crook” that is….that’s the topic of this next one from Hank Kunneman:

The Year of the Cross, the Shepherd’s Crook and Crowns

Definitely not calling HIM a crook, that’s the title of his message.

And yes, I am covering Hank and I explain why in the article.

Your thoughts?

You gotta love this next one…instant karma!

Veteran Teaches Knife-Wiedling Punk a PAINFUL Lesson

Next up….another victim of the poison vaxx?

So sad either way:

Fox News VP Dies Suddenly At 47

If you’ve never seen this before, you’re in for a treat:

The Legendary George Washington Prophecy of America

And we end with our top story, that yes I’ve been aware of but have avoided covering.

I cannot avoid it anymore.

The truth must be shared:

Gay Couple Charged With HORRIFIC Acts Against Adopted Boys

Do you support an instant death penalty here?

Hard to argue against it?

Your friend,



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I know it’s been a cesspool for the far-left, but I’m banking on Elon getting the deal closed and quickly turning it around.

And we want to be there when he does.

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