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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/22/22



Hi friends!

Noah here with your Saturday night Newsletter and I told you we were working on some big stories today!

Ok, first up is this one:

Biden Administration to Close Border to Unvaccinated Canadian and Mexican Truckers; Protests at US-Canadian Border (WATCH)

Ask yourself this question: if you were trying to destroy a country as quickly as possible, would you be doing ANYTHING differently than the Biden Regime?

Question asked and answered I think.

Glad so many of you are enjoying my new interview with Bo Polny:

Bo Polny…The Fuse Is Lit For Trump’s Return and So Much More!

Make sure you download his slides, so much good stuff in there!

And I’m still laughing about this one and the videos and pictures:

BREAKING: China Brings Back “Invasive Anal Swab” COVID Test

Oh my goodness!

And they have been lying to you about Ivermectin for two years now.

Check out this incredible interview with Dr. Paul Marik….a 35 year long board certified physician who says Ivermectin is not only safe, it’s SAFER than Tylenol.

I’ve actually heard others say safer than Aspirin, which I think is an even bigger statement.

Not only that but he says it’s the 2nd most important drug ever made, behind one we all know.

Read the story here to get the truth:

Dr. Paul Marik: Ivermectin SAFER Than Tylenol, The 2nd Most Important Drug Ever Made!

Can you even believe this next one?

Are they for real with this?

TSA Confirms Illegal Immigrants Can Use Arrest Warrants as ID in Airports

This next story is troubling:

Biden Appointing Federal Judges At An Alarming Rate

And now I bring you a special announcement….

If you’ve been wanting to try Mike Lindell’s Giza Cotton Dream Sheets or if you have some and need a backup set, now is the time!

For a limited time only:

HUGE January Bedding Sale At MyPillow — Blankets, Quilts, Comforters 50% Off!

And it was only a few days ago we brought you the story of the substitute teacher who was fired for not “meowing” back at a student who identified as a cat.

If you thought that was wild, now we basically have Part 2 from another school district:

Woman Claims School District Installed Litter Boxes For Kids Who “Identify As Furries”

What is wrong with these people?


And we end with our top story:

Trump’s Path BACK To The White House Isn’t In 2024…

I think you’re going to enjoy that one.

I agree with it 100%, how about you?

Your friend,



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