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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/24/22



Hi friends!

Noah here and Happy Monday to you!

Is your week off to a great start?

I hope so, mine is.

We start with a real doozy tonight, Joe Biden caught on a hot mic:

WATCH: Biden Calls Fox News Reporter “Stupid Son of a Bitch” On Hot Mic

Dems, where are you?

Dems, will you disavow?

And then we have this:

Over 270 Fully Vaccinated Indiana Residents Passed Away of COVID-19 Complications in 3 Weeks

So why are we mandating this toxic poison again?

They should be allowed to sue the daylights out of anyone mandating it and the companies that produce it!

And speaking of madness, how about banning your most famous graduate for a face diaper?

Gonzaga Suspends NBA Legend John Stockton’s Season Tickets For Refusing to Comply with Mask Mandate

What a bunch of idiots!

I hope he never goes back.

Don’t grace them with your presence John…

This happened today and was great:

WATCH: Senator Ron Johnson Holds COVID-19 ‘Second Opinion’ Panel Discussion with World-Renowned Doctors and Medical Experts

And this is really something…

Do you believe these videos?

WATCH: UAE Intercepts Two Ballistic Missiles Over Abu Dhabi

So tired of this stuff:

Virginia State Democrats Block Ivermectin and HCQ Treatments for COVID-19; Kill Public Comment on Proposed Legislation

Which is a good time to remind you of what DOES seem to work really well…

This is based on a highly-respected, well conducted study, and published on the Government’s website even.  Z-Stack is the real deal.

It’s the real deal and because the MSM won’t publish it, we will:

NEW STUDY: If Hospitals Used Zelenko Protocol + IV Vitamins, C-19 Deaths Would Be “Virtually Non-Existent”!

Share that everywhere!

And good news, as of the time of writing this Newsletter, the Z-Stack is IN STOCK and promo code WLT2022 will get you a discount.

Then we have this charming story:

New Environmental Regulations Poised To Make Your Whole House More Expensive


And God Bless this man for speaking out on this:

Sen. Ron Johnson Exposes Democratic Plot To Steal Every Single Election

He’s right you know!

And we end with our top story, which is really incredible:

Dad Who Forced Pedophile To Dig His Grave Found Not Guilty of Murder

Do you support the father?

I do 100%.

Your friend,



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