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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/26/22



Hi friends!

Noah here with your Wednesday Newsletter.

How are you?

Things are great here and we are loaded up with big stories tonight!

Starting with my favorite…

You can file this under “be careful what you wish for”:

Spotify Removing Neil Young Albums After Ultimatum, Sides With Joe Rogan!

Man, has anyone ever overplayed their hand worse than Neil Young?

Also…Neil who?

I guarantee 75% of America doesn’t even know who this has-been is and couldn’t name one song!

Go ahead and remove the songs Neil, 3 people will be sorely disappointed!

Then we have this breaking report from just a few minutes ago:

DC-Area Mayor Dead By Suicide

And oh Hillary…we have not forgotten about you.

And neither has a guy we like to call John Durham:

Hillary Clinton On Notice: John Durham Declares “Active, Ongoing CRIMINAL Investigation”

The biggest news of the day is Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer resigning:

BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Breyer Stepping Down

But even bigger than that is the fact this prophecy was fulfilled in him doing so:


Not only that but there was a SECOND one today too:

Julie Green: Prophecy Fulfilled!

And if you’re wondering what happens NEXT, here is the latest:

Prophetic Update From Julie Green: The Hour of Judgment!

Speaking of the new opening, rumors are flying about Kamala Harris being appointed.

It actually makes a lot of sense.

But could it be a huge trap?

Story here:

Kamala Harris To Supreme Court? A New Theory Arises…

Next up, can I help you save a ton of money on your TV subscription?

And get you OANN, Newsmax and InfoWars?  And probably any other channel you care about?

Details here:

DirecTV Cancels OANN, But We’ve Got You Covered!

And we end with our top story…

I happen to think it’s more like #45 and #19, but I’ll take this and let’s just see what happens:

It’s Happening: President Trump Declares, “I’m the 45th and 47th President of the United States”

Music to my ears!

Man, does he sound locked in and focused or what?

Sounds like a man you do NOT want to mess with right now.

But just my take.

Ok, that’s a wrap, see you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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