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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/26/23



Hey friends,

Noah here with your Thursday night Newsletter.

Got a ton to show you tonight and really excited to see what you think.

We start with the silly but true:

A Big Fart On The View?

Barbara must be rolling over in her grave…

Random side note: can you imagine how horrible a Whoopi fart would smell?

Ok, moving on!

From silly we move to creepy:

New Creepy Outburst From Biden…

Totally love seeing this from Mike Lindell:

Mike Lindell Leading “Romney” and Dhillon In Race For RNC Chair!

He’s got my support 100%!

Got another “Died Suddenly” and another NFL player:

Former NFL Player Dies Suddenly at 25

This next one is extremely gross, but must be published.

Check your food labels!

Crushed Bugs Are Being Secretly Added To Pasta Sauce and Cereal

“Ze will eat ze bugs and ze will be happy!”  -Klaus Schwab

Next up, remember Gamestop and AMC?

Time for silver to do the same thing?

Too Big To Fail? THIS Would Cripple The Big Banks Almost Instantly!

President Trump finally went on record about Facebook after his “ban” was reversed:

Here’s What Trump Said After Being Unbanned From Facebook

Hey Fakebook, when do I get my 1.5 million followers back from when you nuked me?

Can’t stand that company or the Lizard robot who runs it!

Next up, Newsmax will soon be gone from DirecTV.

Newsmax and OANN — deleted.

But I’ve got the answer (and I can save you about $100 a month with this):

REPORT: DirecTV To Chop Newsmax, Here’s What You Can Do!


Who loves ya baby?

And we end with our top story…

If they wanted the “Damar Hamlin is dead and has a clone” story to go away, they’re not doing a very good job with it.


Bills Quarterback Josh Allen Addresses Whether Damar Hamlin Has Body Double

Ok, that’s a wrap for tonight.

See ya back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



Your friend,



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