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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/27/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Saturday night Newsletter.

Let’s jump right in, so much to show you!

I wanted to bring you this report last night after the ridiculous $83.3M verdict was reached, but I didn’t have time.

I had time today and I think you’ll find this rather stunning.

E. Jean Carroll: EXPOSED:

EXPOSED: E. Jean Carroll Has Accused SIX Men Of Sexual Assault and/or Rape — Including Former CEO of CBS

Let's get that out to everyone you know!

Is she a certifiable nutcase?

And this next one is really something:

FACT CHECK: Does Trump Really Have a Replica of the Ark of the Covenant at Mar-a-Lago?

Oh my!

Can you imagine?

Gotta love this from Vivek:

Vivek Challenged About Pushups So He Drops And Gives Him 30!

Then we go to something very troubling....

Surprise New Illness Hitting Cruise Ships: ‘My puke was bright blue’

Stay safe out there!


Next up, what do you think of this?

New Reports Claim Trump Campaign Has Reached Out To RFK, Jr. About Possible VP

Good idea or avoid?

I'm not sold.

Next up, Nikki Haley got swatted today:

BREAKING: Nikki Haley Swatted

I had two thoughts immediately when I saw that....

First, this is dangerous and needs to stop and that goes for EVERYONE who it happens to.

Need very severe penalties, 10+ years in prison and 6-figure fine to start.

But my second thought you think this is real?

I mean, it's real in the sense it happened, but you have to wonder if this was designed to get her a lot of press and a lot of sympathy?

I think odds are good her team did it themselves.

If you're into prepping or just keeping your family safe, I love what these guys are doing:

Survival Food Is Surging With an Unexpected Twist: Prepper Beef Company Founder

Who ever said survival food needs to taste bad?

This is awesome stuff!

And we've got more good news coming in for Mike Lindell:

Mike Lindell Reacts to Shocking Testimony “I’ve Been Waiting for this Court Case”

If you're wondering how President Trump is doing in South Carolina, I was too....

And I've got a great update for you:

27% Lead, Trump Soars Over Nikki Haley In South Carolina Poll

But do not let up!

We press on right up to the finish line!

This next one is hilarious....

Hollywood starlet Alyssa Milano, who by some accounts is worth over $10 million, needs YOUR help to fund her kid's Little League baseball team:

Alyssa Milano Needs You To Fund Her Kid’s Baseball Team…Will You Help Please?

Oh I sure hope you can help her out!

It would be terrible if those Hollywood kids didn't get to play stickball!

Can you spare a dollar?

Because we all know it's not right for her to dig into her pocket, come on now don't be ridiculous!

And we end with our top story:

“Crisis Actors” Being Hired For Georgia National Guard Training, February 5th-8th, 2024

I fact-checked that today and if I lived there I think I'd plan to be out of town those days.

Heads up!

Share this with anyone who needs to see it!

That's a wrap for tonight!

Your friend,



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