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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/28/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here…here are you?

Hope you had a fantastic Saturday!

We’ve had a very busy day and I’m so excited to show you everything we found.

Let’s start with a new favorite of mine…have you seen this?

Donald Trump Jr. EXPOSES The “We The People” Bible!

Next we have big news:

First State to BAN ‘Gender-Affirming’ Procedures For Minors

Good idea?

Protect the children!

I don’t know about you but I made terrible decisions when I was 8.

Even 18.

Kids should be focused on playing soccer and video games, not chopping off their wang wang because some teacher at school brainwashed them into thinking they were a girl!


You wanna turn your Eggplant into a Taco when you’re 20?

Fine, go for it.

Knock yourself out.

But leave the kids alone!

And if you thought that was something, wait until you see our second story:

College Basketball Player Says His Testicles ‘Exploded’ After Waking Up From Nap

I’m not even gonna make a joke.

Nope, not gonna do it.

Make your own jokes, I’m out of this one.

But still, very strange!

Thoughts and prayers young man.

Then we have this:

BREAKING: Large Fire at Connecticut Egg Farm

Get ready for the price of eggs to skyrocket again.

Of course, I’m sure it was just another accident.

The 47th “accident” in the past 12 months but none-the-less a genuine accident.


Do they think we’re dumb?

I love this next one…

Looks like people in the middle are finally speaking out and calling BS on the whole narrative.

Here is “Meet Kevin” and the WSJ doing just that:

WSJ *Just* Exposed Covid Vaccines – Media FLIPS

Narrative is crumbling!

Just wait until the questions become anger, that’s when it’s gonna get ugly.

Next is something I’m really excited about!

My new website launched today, but it’s not really a website it’s a mission.

Details here:

My New Website Is LIVE…And I Need YOUR Help!

I need your help, so can I please count on you?

Let’s do this!

Love this one:

Trump’s ‘Drain the Swamp’ Blueprint Leaked – Democrats and RINOs on Edge

Then we go back to Paul Pelosi.

Think the body-cam footage from yesterday was weird?

You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Listen to this 911 call:

Paul Pelosi 911 Call Released…And It’s Causing Way More Questions

And this is last call….

We draw our winner tomorrow, but it’s not too late to enter:

Last Chance To Win A FREE MyPillow Giza Cotton Dream Sheets (worth $159)

I can’t wait to see who wins!

And we end with our top story from one of the most trusted Doctors over the past 2 years during all this nonsense:

Dr. Peter McCullough With Breakthrough “Healthy Heart & Muscle Formula”

That’s a wrap!

Wow, what a day!

See ya back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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