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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/3/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Wednesday night Newsletter…

Wow, what a day we just had!

It started off with news the Epstein List would be delayed for several more weeks only to later flip and be released!

And perhaps that wasn’t even the biggest story of the day…

Stick with me because I have a LOT for you tonight!

Let’s start with this:

BREAKING: Judge Releases Epstein List. OVER 150 Names!

President Trump completely cleared -- and now you know why it took them so long to release this.

Because they have NO dirt on him at all but they wanted you to think they did:

Epstein Docs CLEAR President Trump And Legendary Attorney!

Bill Clinton NOT cleared -- not at all.....

Apparently, Bill likes them YOUNG and I could be wrong but I don't think that means "17":

Newly Revealed Epstein Documents: “Bill Clinton Likes Them Young”…

Here's the FULL report clearing President Trump:

The TRUTH About Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein

Then we go to President Trump going on the offensive with Colorado:

Trump Appeals to Supreme Court Over Colorado Ballot Exclusion

And an even bigger punch here:

BREAKING: President Trump Releases State-By-State Dossier DETAILING Election Fraud In 2020 Election—Read It Here!

Let's stay with the Trump family for this next one:

Don Jr: “My Father Cut Me Off!”

So interesting, I had never heard that before!

I love what these guys and their CEO are doing:

Prepper Beef Company CEO: “We’ll Rebuke Lab-Grown Meat Even When It’s MANDATED in America”

And finally we have a J6-er also going on the offensive:

JUST IN: First J6 Case Filed Against Capitol Police By Protestor Brutally Pushed From Ledge

Then we had this from EPSN:

Disney’s ESPN Forced To Issue Apology After Airing Breasts On TV

What do you think....did you find that tasteful or offensive?

And yet ANOTHER big win for President Trump next:

LEGAL WIN: Trump Declared Innocent In Death of Jan. 6 Officer Brian Sicknick…Who Died Of Stroke

I told ya it was a big day....

Next we go to Hannity:

Sean Hannity: “I Am Out, I’m Done!”

And we wrap up with perhaps our biggest story of the day....

Is the "King" about to step down?

Reports out today say yes:

REPORTS: King Charles To Step Down From Throne

Are you ready for King William?

I gotta run, that's a wrap!

Your friend,



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