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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/31/22



Hi everybody!

Noah here…

Happy Monday to you!

Last night I told you we were already working on some big stories for today and here they are!

We start with this:

Trump Makes Big Promise To Some Jan 6th Prisoners

We are not forgetting the J6 PRISONERS (and that’s what they are, prisoners) which is so unconstitutional it makes me sick!

Moving on to our next one:

“He Could Have Overturned The Election!”–Trump Releases Statement On Electoral Certification

He’s right.  100% right.

Was Pence playing a role or just a bad actor?

Time will tell…

Then we have an update from Joe Rogan that is really good and I really recommend you watch it:

Joe Rogan Speaks Out On Spotify Drama [FULL MESSAGE]

Huge news broke today on things happening behind the scenes that we all had no idea about!

I keep telling you…things are happening!

UNVEILED: Hunter Biden Grand Jury and Subpoenas Date Back To 2019!

Do not give up hope!

One day soon all the loose ends will suddenly weave together and it will be incredible.

Love this next one:

Mass Formation Psychosis: How They Did It

She is good!

And this is horrible but we have to show you.

Major warning before you click:

WARNING GRAPHIC FOOTAGE: 33-Year-Old Italian Teacher in Critical Condition After Setting Himself on Fire Allegedly Over Country’s COVID-19 Jab Mandate

Absolutely awesome news to show you next:

BREAKING: NHS to Scrap COVID-19 Jab Mandate, Reports Cite Fears of ‘Crippling Staff Shortages’

And I keep telling you, many states will fall before this is all over.

Here’s the start:

Attorney Wally Zimolong: 40% Of Pennsylvania Ballots Were Unconstitutional

It’s not over my friends….

And can I give a shameless plug for Mike Lindell for a second?

For real, the ONLY sheets I will ever sleep in ever again are his Giza Cotton Sheets.

Just trust me and get a set:

HEADS UP: Mike Lindell’s “Giza Dream Sheets” Now 50% Off!

Big news next from Dr. Robert Malone:

Dr. Robert Malone Suing The Washington Post?

Any Husker fans out there?

Can you believe this?

Another Mascot bites the dust:

Woke Culture to University Mascot: “OK Is Not OK”

Huge update on the trucker convoy:

Convoy to DC: US Truckers Announce Plans for American Convoy to Washington DC; Expected to Break Canadian World Record

How awesome are these guys?

The real heroes and they are not getting nearly the attention they deserve.

Risking it all!

And we end with what continues to be our top story, far and above all else:

2,000 MULES: Ballot Traffickers Caught with Cell Phone GPS and Security Footage

Absolutely huge folks!

Stay tuned, this is only starting to break wide open.

Good things coming!

Your friend,



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