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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/5/23



Hey friends,

Noah here and we’ve got one of the BIGGEST news days I can remember in recent memory…

Let’s jump right in…

Top story tonight: did we tell you two years ago and were we right?

Were We Right All Along? TRUMP For Speaker?

Literally developing right now before our eyes…

Keep watching!

Then we have to talk about The Snake:

Is Kevin McCarthy A Member Of The “WEF”?

Evil dude.

But that’s just my opinion, you tell me what you think…



Matt Gaetz continues to win over my complete admiration:

BREAKING: Matt Gaetz Give Trump-Like Speak On House Floor!

And do we now know why Trump was “supporting” McCarthy?

Was Trump In On The Plan All Along?

Next up is an update on a story I brought you earlier this week:

UPDATE On The Federal Reserve “Construction”?

Now we have to take a break from politics and talk about AI robots….

Read this:

AI-Powered ‘Robot Lawyer’ Takes First Court Case Next Month

Ok so I can clearly see where this goes…

Can you?

So you get an AI robot as your “attorney”.

It’s super smart, they say!

Smarter than your attorney!

And maybe it is.

But here’s the problem…

I can see where this goes.

Your AI robot attorney is trained on the same software as the AI robot attorney on the other side.

So who has an advantage?

No one.

And you both come to the same conclusion.

So where does this end up?

It ends up without having a personal advocate.

No attorneys…

No defense attorney…


You just “submit your case” to the AI robot and it decides who was right or wrong!

Is that a world you want to live in?

I sure don’t!

That”s stressing me out, so back to politics:

HEROES: Here Are The 20 Republicans Stopping McCarthy!

And you gotta love President Trump finally jumping in and responding….

And how hilarious is this?

Trump Responds After Receiving Votes To Be House Speaker!

To cap off a huge day, this seems like the perfect cherry on top:

Bed, Bath & Beyond Says It Is Running Out Of Money And Could Go Bankrupt – Is It Because Conservatives Went To MyPillow Instead?

I love this idea from Steve Bannon….

100% agree:

Steve Bannon Calls For Trump To Be House Speaker For 100 Days

Last call on this next one….

Only a few hours left or you will miss it:

You Have To Read This Email I Just Got…

Bo nailed it again?

End-Times Prophecy Of The U.S. Presidents (8 Years Left)

And amidst everything else today, we can’t lose track of this…

Update in the Brunson case:

An Update To The Brunson Case!

Ok, that’s a wrap!


Your friend,



Your friend,



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