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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/5/24



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Friday night Newsletter.

As promised, we start off with my Emergency Broadcast with Bo Polny:

My Emergency Broadcast With Bo Polny

Trust me, don't miss that one!

And did Juanita Broaddrick just confirm a MAJOR rumor?

Did Juanita Broaddrick Just Confirm Bill Clinton Is NOT Chelsea’s Father?

Next up, this is truly a wild one, even for "Nikki" Haley:

Nikki Haley Made Her Husband Change His First Name…Because She Didn’t Like It!

And the guy married her anyway, what a cuck!

How embarrassing!

Ok, next up is more Epstein documents....

We got Parts 2 and 3 and we're still only 1/3 of the way through the disclosures!

So much more coming.

Here's what we learned today:

Epstein Documents — Part Two!


Epstein Files — Part 3 — Featuring Hillary Clinton!

And don't forget this:

Megyn Kelly: “We’re Not Done With Epstein Yet….And We May Be Hearing FROM Him DIRECTLY”

Then we have a very "cartoonish" and very angry Joe Biden appearing very panicked about what President Trump will do next....

I explain it all here:

Biden Panicked That Trump Will Invoke The Insurrection Act” — Here’s What That Actually Means

Next up is a major warning about the beef that might be in your freezer:

ALERT: Over 6,700 Pounds Of Raw Ground Beef Recalled, Possible E. Coli Contamination

If you want something SAFE and no mRNA or Antibiotics in it, and cheaper than most other places, you need to go here

That's right....WLT Beef baby, I put my name on it!

As always, who loves ya baby?

You know I take good care of you around here!

Ok back to the news....

I've waited a few days to cover this story but I finally had to jump into the fray today.



8 foot beings?

Here's my take:

So…What Exactly Happened At That Miami Bayside Mall on January 1st?

And we end with our top story....featuring none other than Nancy Pelosi!

Remember the old Michael Jordan ads with the song "If I could be like Mike...."

Well, "If only I could trade like Nancy Pelosi"

These Members of Congress Made a Killing From the 2023 Stock Market…Should They Be BANNED from Trading?

Which leads me to this question as we wrap up:

NATIONAL POLL: Should Members of Congress Be BANNED From Trading Stocks?

I can't even quite fathom how it's legal right now...

Oh wait, yes I can.

You see those people up above?

They are the ones who write the laws.

Of course.

Have a good night everyone!

Your friend,



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Who loves ya baby?


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