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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/7/23



Hey friends,

Noah here and we are LOADED UP tonight!

Let’s jump in and move quick.

We start with something new I’m really excited to show you…

How cool is this?

Introducing…The We The People Bible!

I love it.

Ok, next we have something really odd.

I’ve been public about supporting Lin Wood.

I’ve been Team Lin Wood.

But I was very surprised to see this today:

Lin Wood Praises Gen. Michael Flynn?

Lin….I know you read WeLoveTrump.

Come on my show and please discuss with me.

Why would you throw out Michael Flynn’s name like it means something to you?

I’d like to hear you break this down and I think 6 million of my readers would too.

Next up….for all the Chemtrails deniers, you can’t deny it anymore:

You’ll Never Doubt Chemtrails Again After Seeing This!


That pretty much ends the debate!

And I found this next one very sad:

SAD AND DESPERATE: Jimmy Fallon Raps About New “Covid Variant”

I always thought Fallon was pretty funny.

Decent guy.

I actually think he was forced to do this.

And that’s really sad and disturbing.

Big one next:

Here’s What We Got In The Speaker Negotiations [It’s Good!]

That’s a really solid list!

You happy with all of that?

I have to say, I like it!

This seems to confirm:

Kevin McCarthy Reveals The First Thing He’ll Do In Office…

Then we have this guy:

He Had “Cannibalistic Urges”?

Just his damn face creeps me out!

Do you think he did it?

Do you think that father knew?


Yes and yes.

Next up is my personal favorite story of the day….

This is about to become VERY relevant to you:

Artificial Intelligence Knows EXACTLY Who The Nephilim Were….

When I first starting writing about this in 2017 people thought it was nuts.

They don’t think that anymore.

And we end with our top story:

They’ve Had The Cure To Cancer All Along…

Oh my….

Can you image the outrage when people realize this?

Pitchforks and torches.

They will string up Big Pharma execs and anyone who was in on the coverup.

But that’s just my prediction, I could be wrong.

Ok, that’s a wrap!

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Your friend,



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