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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 1/9/23



Hey friends,

Noah here and oh my what a day we had!

I have a lot to show you…

One of those days where I have more than usual, so you’ll get a couple bonus stories.

Starting with this, which is pure awesomeness:

Pentatonix Is Trending…For An Awesome Reason!

Gotta love it.

True music.

True talent.


Next up is a story I’m running for the FOURTH time, and for a very good reason.

Because I continue to save people hundreds of dollars!

I HATE scammers!

I’ve added a lot of new information this time that I think will really open some eyes.

Read here:

PLEASE Don’t Get Scammed With “Trump” TRB Checks! [From Noah]

I really wish I wasn’t telling you about this next one…

Worst part of my job.

Read here:

Tragic News About Diamond (of Diamond and Silk)

We lost a legend today friends.

Next up, we go to Congress and specifically the House.

And we have good progress!

First this:

Republican-Led House Narrowly Passes Rules Package 211-205

And then this:

RINO Dan Crenshaw Loses Homeland Security Chair Vote

See you later Pirate!

That guy is so phony!

What a loser.

Next up, I never thought I’d ever be talking about this, and yet here we are:

Feds Are Attempting To Ban Gas Stoves

You want the truth?

They want to take away anything that is easy and works to keep you safe and warm.

They hate letting you have options.

They want to lock you into 100% electric.


So when you are 100% electric, then it’s just ONE off-switch and then you freeze!

Sick bastards.

Next up, I have a sense a lot of people need to this.

If that’s you, read here:

WLT REPORTS: What Can You Do If You Took The Poison Vaxx And Now Regret It?

We can help!

Brand new from Timothy Dixon:


I’d love it if you would give Mike Lindell your support here:

Get Energy Like Mike Lindell…Introducing MyCoffee!

And our top story is no doubt what’s on everyone’s mind.

I have the update right here….plus my thoughts:

BREAKING: Decision In The Brunson Brothers Case!

Love to get YOUR thoughts too….

Let me know!

Your friend,



Your friend,



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