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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 10/11/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Wednesday night Newsletter.

Another big day, let’s jump right in.

We start with President Trump live in West Palm Beach Florida and I have to once again update my “hidden in plain sight” article.

Here’s the latest:

The “So-Called” President of the United States

What do you think?

For more on what’s REALLY going on, read this next:

Derek Johnson – Big New Update

And you gotta love this one about Mike Lindell and MyPillow:

LOL: Newsweek Blasts Mike Lindell’s MyPillow – Ends Up Showing How Great The Deals Are With A Promo Code (Like WLT)

Surprising turn next, it looks like Bill Gates and his friends are giving up on the “climate change” narrative.

They tried for decades and it never “took”.

So they seem to be throwing it overboard:

Bill Gates: There Is No Climate CRISIS…

Then we have this:

Republican Legislators Move to Expel GOP Congressman

Is that the right move?

Next up we go back in history a bit for yet another time the Government lied right to your face:

“Time Compression Theory” — They Have Been Lying To You For a LONG Time…

In fact, they seem almost incapable of ever telling the truth!

Have you noticed that?

Which is fine, because if you have someone that lies 100% of the time, then you can always know the truth is the opposite of what they say, and so that’s almost just as good once you know what to look for.

Next we go to Eyepatch McCain….

I really can’t stand this guy.

And he shows his true colors here, not just with the trip but mostly the whole video leading up to the trip:

JUST IN: Dan Crenshaw Intentionally Trips Reporter? (VIDEO)


He does not like you!

You can see the disdain in this video.

I really hope this goes viral and exposes him for the RINO and hater of MAGA that he really is.

F you too Eyepatch!

Moving from a huge douchebag to one of the coolest guys ever, we go to Dean Cain and a company I absolutely love working with:

How a Faith-Based Gold Company Is Changing the Way Americans Protect Their Retirement (Ft. Superman)

Next, big shout out to my friend DOTR!

Keep up the great work!

Woman DESTROYS “Dictator Trump” Narrative

The truth continues to come out about Ivermectin, and I’ve got a big report on it coming tomorrow too.

Read this:


Next, our top story so far of the week in case you missed it:

First World Leader Apologizes To The Unvaccinated

We we end with our top story of the day….

So sad.

I hope it’s not what I think it is:

Beloved Olympic Gymnast “Fighting For Her Life” In ICU

Before you go, I need your help with something….

I have told you where I stand, but I need to know what YOU think.

Will you please log your vote on this question?

I will share the results once they come in.


NATIONAL POLL: What Do YOU Think The USA Should Do In The Israel War?

See you back here tomorrow.

Your friend,



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