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Noah’s Nightly Newsletter – 10/18/23



Hey everyone,

Noah here with your Wednesday night Newsletter.

So much to show you today, absolutely loaded up….

Have to move fast, and I know we’re late again.

We start with a REAL photo of Joe Biden:

What Is Going On With Biden’s Face? Possible Mask?

Can anyone explain what is happening here?

Why does he have 3 chins?

Mask malfunction?

Jim Carrey looks terrible!

Then I had a flashback to this one — with an update in there from my friend Stormy Joe!

Remember What Joan Rivers Said About “Big Mike” Right Before She “Died Suddenly”?

And you know all the debate about the explosion of the hospital?

Today we have video proof:

TV Footage Shows That Gaza Hospital Blast Came From Palestinian Rocket

And then we have this….

A LITERAL “insurrection” at our state capitol:

BREAKING: An “Insurrection” Is Happening NOW Inside The Capitol — Pro-HAMAS/Palestine Take Over!

What will be done about it?

22 year prison sentences?

Probably not, because it looks like they are Far-Lefties.

But save all the video footage, something tells me Trump’s administration may like to see it once he’s back in.

The precedent has been set!

Better build some more prisons!

Speaking of Hamas, I have been so excited to hear from Jonathan Cahn.

You too?

Here you go:

Jonathan Cahn: The End-Times MYSTERY Of Hamas In The Bible!

Big turn in the NYC Trump case in favor of Trump today:

President Trump: “The Government’s Witness Just Got Caught In A Big, Fat Lie! This Case Should Be Dismissed!”

Next up, a big update from Bo Polny:

Bo Polny: Are You Prepared For What’s About To Happen?

I keep warning you!

Gold, Silver and XRP is my bag!

And if you need a good connection on gold, I can help you:

Financial Stewardship and Biblical Stewardship Go Hand-in-Hand With This Christian Gold Company

Next up we take a moment to just laugh….

These are hilarious!

Trump Does A Seinfeld — Part 3

Have you seen my interview with Bart Sibrel?

Fascinating stuff!

A Funny Thing Happened…On My Way To Interview Bart Sibrel

And I end with an article for all the people who emailed me after last night’s Newsletter.

I mentioned my new Ivermectin was arriving soon (hopefully tomorrow) and so many of you asked where I got it.

Here you go:

Where To Get SAFE and LEGAL Ivermectin?

Ok, that’s all for tonight!

That’s enough for one day.

See you back here tomorrow!

Your friend,



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